It has been a drag for sure and as I sit here are 4:00am, it still is. Just finish watch a repeat of the a Frontline documentary on the essentially the usual suspects, how’s this for profiling? Alpha White Male. Mmmmmm……….. Is that profile that far off? The banking industry, high level cabinet officials in this here government, not to even mention the list of politicians that could snake around a corner. Is that profile any clearer. Now let’s not get it twisted because I’m actually gonna take it a bit deeper than that for as we should all know bad acts are never just about one race because of the bad acts of some. Right? But there is a another common denominator that absolutely cannot and honestly should not be ignored because the evidence is everywhere, more blatant than ever before and getting worse. We will get to that and more in part 2. Yes, I have been remiss in continued regularity suffice to say I am back now and as I respect and understand a blog should not be a forum to expound your personal disappointments, or grievances especially with all the more important current recent headlines, but please allow this brief aside for it cannot be helped. Though the initial outrage has subsided because for the moment I remain stuck there in this nest I am still roiling. If there be any place that exist past disgust, very safe to say I am there. I can only attribute this to being trapped in the revolving nightmare for awhile, stuck in an endless loop with as it turns out a nest of vipers masquerading as Santa Claus and a band of elves, actually the very profile of many running America, but again we’ll get to that later. I’ve been reminded more than once I am thine own worse enemy for I seemingly can’t get out of my own way. Please pardon if like most of my brethren I wasn’t raised to get down on all fours, perform circus tricks, hop up and down and or be a little syncophant. And that is the bane of my existence here upon this Earth given that is rather the standard operating procedure of life in America for 99% of the population, and well that other 1% we know really don’t give a flying fuck as they pretty much already live on a different planet. Can you say record corporate profits coupled with still high unemployment, aka the American way. mu legend power leveling The scourge upon this good Earth, specifically America is in fact US, because rather than working, pulling together in the same direction for the betterment of us all; what real countries, and companies with anything called a conscience do, the objective is by any means necessary, rip, eat, gorge each other to shreds. The embraced, encouraged, rewarded, and accepted practice, the true American way is dog eat dog, well go figure silly me there I go “thinking” again that as human beings we were supposed to be better than dogs. Then again deep down in the dark recesses of my soul I know that just ain’t so for so. I will always be an admirer with respect for those who take the high road for sadly many times to just sit and witness someone being gutted for sport just isn’t my thing; and if it meant me going to a knife fight with a B1B so be it. See from my perspective to attempt to make sense out of utter nonsense is a foolish waste of time that none of us really can afford nor have and when things so elementary are missed or just plain ignored perhaps extra emphasis is required, the point to be made very LOUD and very CLEAR, so that the average brain waves get the damn message. mu legend zen for sale So to see such a better man than me ushered out by a nest of vipers when he could not only have tossed them all under a tank and drove over them is hard to take. You would think no one would get “too” comfortable in this day and age when there are cameras everywhere and now everyone’s got one, but so much for snakes who believe they’re smarter or more cunning than everyone else. This is where we are at the, the average American male, only those that fill that profile will feel the sting of that truth, sobering isn’t it, as in the man in the mirror. Our country’ biggest problem is the equivalent of the A-Bomb, EGO in the hands of the wrong people is a very dangerous weapon, so goes the state of America and the average American guy, okay so who is average; you’ll recognize yourself. Essently the builders of a nation of thieves, a country of false floors, liars behind every door, American businesses led by her dysfunctional crop of damaged goods. The man whose job was summarily dismissed told me to tell this viper that he in fact saw him laid out in his car sleeping when he was supposed to be working, the one who replaced him. I told him I don’t negotiate, picture or video evidence works better for me. The whole situation frankly had me feeling like going all Khmer Rouge on some folks (metaphorically speaking of course) for had he gone low and recorded it and given it to me I’ve would have posted to YouTube, named all parities, and the company involved. He was disheartened because he did do his job committedly so to then to still take the high road, be the better man while I for me is the equivalent of sitting among this nest of vipers knowing what I know is akin to sitting like a King Cobra or Black Mamba seething. But as I am also always reminded and yes I have the faith though some days, and I’m sure it may not seem as such from pieces such as this, I am one of God’s stubborn children; but in the end he does take care of his own. The better man than me is doing more than okay, totally landing on his feet without missing a beat, something with even health benefits which the gutter company did not have. A better man than me I fathom that’s why he’s gone, but tragically that is the state of this United States of America at large in 2013.

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