To say this requires the will of JOB would be an understatement, then I suppose that has always been the objective, to break us. To whip a nation into submission requires a monumental fraternal collective of the ego, and GOD knows this country has more than it’s share of that running it, we only need look to the current circus act, Pennywise in the flesh, flaming red. The rest of the global community surely is, eyes upon us. legend zen for sale Even more, the eyes of GOD, has he always must, except this time he must surely be shaking his head for while we were already the lemmings on the edge of the cliff there must be pause to see if we will take that dive over the edge come November. Their version may be a myth, ours won’t be. But un momento, before I digress this one is not about that, yet. two more months. I know I’ve had the last several years of silence, just trying to not drown in the sewer, new paradigm of the American Dream, but as I mentioned the will of JOB just hasn’t been there, it can best be summed up in a word. Numb. I will begin this way, and honestly not to offend, but the truth is on display everywhere too much to ignore unless that is your salve, deer in headlights, rose colored spectacles and all. Like I said this is not about that but I will borrow the theme for a moment, the “let’s make America great again”. Well exactly when was that? Really. Because for the record according to a piece in the Washington Post the U.S. suicide rate has risen sharply in the 21st century. And when did that begin exactly well somewhere around 2001, and so give or take fifteen say sixteen years ago. Okay, and well wait for it…… Since that time, I mean was America great then because according to the title the uptick in suicide is traced to start of the 21st century, so I proffer if America was so great at that time why have so many United States citizens apparently been just dying to get out! How’s that for a great nation. I guess when one finally rises from their comatose state and see the country for what it really is, yeah you probably do want to escape modern day slavery too. Example, I mean three jobs just to keep from drowning, one working for the city, working with your ex to help put your child through private school, but then to still have police officers terrorizing you while just trying to get home in your beat up old car for fact you are still a nigger in the United States of America and you will never be good enough to not be terrorized. Yes I said it, for I have no fear, concern or obsession with any of those foreign fanatics and their cults, my concern is with some, yes I said that too only SOME of the jackboots behaving like terrorists in this country. The ones whose hard on for all things black compel them to pull over any and all things that meet the profile, the ones who burst in your house, drag the wrong person to jail with nothing more than an oops my bad, and all authorities on record okay with it. I echo SOME because I have known many at every level and even on a more personal level, a parent, and by and large they are not in the business of deliberately gunning down citizens for sport. Those I knew and I’m sure those other good ones I didn’t, rather just wanted to make it home to their families. But lets be frank there is no career, industry or otherwise that is stocked with 100% perfect employees. Be real. Now that brings to me crux of this, but a snapshot of the current trending spectacle and yes in defense of Colin Kaepernick, for I want put it on front street. buy mu legend zen For real! Next episode.

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