Is there really anything left to say or anyone to say it? These are days when I imagine many others have the same sentiment, for one only need read the headlines, crawls or any other running commentary to understand in many respects we really know very little of what we “think” we know about the United States in it’ truest sense. It’s like finding out that your favorite relative really is the pedophile he looked you in the eye and swore he wasn’t. But perhaps sadly it’s what many more Americans prescribe to and that is the policy of “look, hear, speak, and see” no evil; the ignorance is bliss syndrome. Rather odd comment recently about the current administrations’ drone program for according to Robert Grenier the former head of CIA Counter-Terrorism Center during the Dubya years “we have been seduced” by drones, further adding that the program is actually “creating more enemies than we are removing from the battlefield” Really? Who us “creating” more “good will” in other countries branding them with the the name of democracy stamp. Hina Shamsi Director of the ACLU’ National Security Project June 13th USA Today Op Ed piece agreed with Mr. Grenier’ assessment, and while I think many of us would tend to wholeheartedly concur with her argument that the nation’s violations of the supposedly governing laws under guise of national security really holds little to no weight for as many of us also know this approach is not new. Grenier says seduced, how about for American citizens according to Spike Lee’ Malcom X, “hoodwinked and bamboozled” with a rich history rife with programs like Cointelpro, Bay of Pigs, it is very crystal clear law or the rule thereof has no place nor existence in the nation. Samsi suggests current actions are leading down a dangerous road I say be careful what we ask for we just might get it. The first key to selling a lie is getting others to believe the lie, and then enslavement of an entire nation. When our own citizens are secretly held under siege why would citizens of other countries be off limits. Exactly what does the law international or otherwise mean to the government, or the United States Constitution for that matter, the formerly sacrosanct document it’ principles now cherry-picked, ridiculed, or often discarded like toilet paper. A civilization must first have laws that are so respected not viewed as an inconvenience by the furor of the moment; more to the point one that has a completely independent entity as guardians to it other than the ones expected to enforce it for example we’ve bore witness to how well law enforcement agencies left to policing themselves often works out. It is with no coincidence that the current national debate over the Obamacare ruling by the U.S. cheap mu Legend zen Supreme Court was in many circles met with such contempt that once again the Republicans are trolling the U.S. Constitution for any glimmer they can ferret out to offer them an snowball’ chance to circumvent the ruling all on their own, and they may have. And therein lies a crux of but one of the country’ problems, reducing or diminishing the lives of every day Americans to nothing more than a game of political rhetoric. mu legend zen Politicians’ only objective making sport of human American lives, the currency by which they wager. As a nation, as a people,Americaitself has become entangled, mired in human debasement, a country for which there is a profound loss of anything resembling standards. The hits just continue currently one of our esteemed military branches, the foundation of basic training upon entry into the United States Air Force a sex scandal unfolding, instructors “preying” on trainees, a recent lawsuit leveling charges against the United States Navy, Marines, and DOD of a widespread program of rape of military women. Onerous programs targeting Americans at peace marches or simply journalists asking the wrong questions being terrorized by placement on the” list” McCarthyism revisited. My GOD, have you no shame? And guess what, you don’t. I suppose this is what a “free” society really looks like, a sewer. I can’t say I am surprised for I have been checking under the hood of this shiny new car for some time and it’s continuing to look like the “lemon” it was first revealed to be. Hence there is absolutely no behavior or conduct that anyone could do that would surprise me, from the lowest man on the totem pole to the highest level of all levels, dignity is a dirty word as it stands and getting worse every day; for in the gutter we go. When anything, and everything becomes acceptable, the country is truly rudderless, no standards equal to civilized living, yet despite all outward appearances to the rest of the world but isn’t that what America is very skilled at, putting on a good show, for as we all know the show must go on. The question to maybe ponder right now, why? “Unlawful and Dangerous” United StatesConstitution For when diplomacy fails to garner results, what of course, destabilize the government or just go on and invade. buy mu legend zen But an example of the kind of human beings coming in the following generations, probably the same stock as those running the current three ringed circus.

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