This really is a game you know to some, one that will only stop when the pieces on the byways of life decide they have had enough of the manipulation, the control, and the downright extortion of their very lifeblood. ugg bailey bling uk Yes, long breath I took, I know the objective is have something to say all the time enough to blog everyday all day because life is happening by the milliseconds and one should by all means share. My preference is, as I try to practice what I preach and that is to not offer anything until I have something meaningful to present, in other words I hope that I neither open my mouth nor blog just to hear myself. It seems to be what many bloggers do, for as it is but an opinion, and like an as$#%, everyone has got one. cheap nike air max That said, I have watched with curiosity following the past several weeks of chaos unfolding surrounding the tragic death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, often debating with many of my brethren about the myriad of possibilities of exactly how this happened though there is currently but one version available. ray ban cats 5000 There were only two principles involved on that lonely night in Sanford, and yes forget alleged witnesses, they can only provide a portion of the narrative from where it was already unfolding. None of us were present, and of the only two that were, one is dead, his voice silenced forever, and the other well, a man so maligned, and vilified it’s no telling how muddy one’ memory gets when the walls are caving in all around you. adidas zx flux Hence will there be justice for Trayvon, who is also under character assassination of the most malicious kind for he is truly as defenseless as he was that night and cannot speak for himself; so who speaks for him. Air Jordan 3 Where that does leaves us, well for me the only real fact to be argued at this time is the law that allowed something like this to happen in the first place. Let us begin with what any reasonable minded person in any legislative system of a so called civilized society should have considered when authoring such a bill, and that is perhaps the lynch pin holding up this house of cards; that word reasonable. Reasonable quite clearly falling under the category of “perception” in and of itself a rather subjective concept. Or in plain English according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary 4 a (1): peculiar to a particular individual: PERSONAL (subjective judgments) (2): modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background (a subjective account of the incident). What was the “reasonable” minded state official who crafted the law thinking in deciding that human beings could be entrusted to exhibit judicious judgment when asserting this law? I offer in many cases pretty much the equivalent of placing a grenade in the hands of a toddler; give him time and poor little thing will self destruct all on his own. Recent Wall Street Journal analysis of FBI statistics on states with the stand your ground law noted a marked uptick of 53.5% in deaths labeled “justifiable homicides” in the following three years after law went into effect in those states. legend zen for sale Here’s the deal perception, or rather how it’s used often kills and in the hands of the “wrong” people is a dangerous thing. prix des lunettes ray ban wayfarer I say “wrong” to amplify the real point of all this madness, just who decides who is “wrong”, “fits” or is “suspicious” sounds a bit like “us” or “them” Problem is do any of us “reasonable” minded folk really want to live in a country where the only legal right one needs to blow anyone away is propped up under “I think” “I felt” “I perceived” myself to have been under presumption of imminent death, or great bodily harm. Now hold on I’m getting ready to go a bit deeper for let’s take that perception thing which constantly under construction is always open to interpretation, or a.k.a as reckless disregard. How is this for subjectivity for as you noted based on Webster’ definition it pretty much amounts to bias. And much like many members of the National Rifle Association love affair with all things called gun; I openly embrace my card-carrying member-ship of just say HELL NO to drugs club. nike air presto soldes So here’ where someone like me, and others bias could play a role in that profiling thing, a natural distrust abounds, who fits the current “profile” of the typical meth-head, or a.k.a known as Mexican Crack, or Redneck Cocaine for they aren’t your “typical” users (there goes that profiling again). According to the National Institute of Justice for they assert available data on typical methamphetamine users reveal that most are white, in their 20’s or 30’s, high school or better educated, often employed. mu legend power leveling So for those like me who carry the perception that every drug addict is a thief, derelict, weak minded soul who will gut anyone for that next fix, would I be perfectly justified in dropping one dead in his or her tracks because as I felt they looked “wrong” to me. Air Jordan 12 Baskets Would it matter that it was someone’ brother, husband, son, daughter and that I personally detest the conduct, well not according to these laws in their current form because that’s what a license to kill does; it emboldens one’ personal biases and judgment to take over. nike zoom Would I feel good about it, no, that’s just because I am swallowed whole by my conscience as a human soul, unlike many of my brethren. It is suggested the law is simply misunderstood, well in light of this tragedy that would be a correct assertion especially by the people tasked with enforcing it. Law enforcement officers duties don’t need to be hindered by shackling them to that “interpretation” thing. In fact this is evidence that interpretation in the hands of some armed Americans is a de facto license to kill. nike air max 90 femme I just would like to know at what point in this country will black Americans will have the right to “belong” anywhere without fear of being shot dead by some reckless person amped up on fumes of his or her own preconceived notions. And yet to this day some people are still shocked when they see stories like this, mmmm..… I am not and never will be surprised by the depths of human evil for as I know the human mind is the most dangerous weapon upon this Earth, it can propel you to the highest highs or the most vicious, and vile depths of depravity. I was advised for me to best integrate myself with these inmates running this madhouse was to lower my expectations of people and that I have, so I am never up-ended by what “people” do because be they your everyman, your police, your public officials, mother, father, child, they are always capable of doing anything when you find that button. Again it must always be reminded those whom forget history are ultimately doomed to repeat it. You will continue to be shocked as long as you hang on to visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, in la la land with Alice and all the rest of those of you with your neon blinking vacancy signs across your forehead about who this country really is; opening your mouths regurgitating stupid speak at every turn. America is a mighty long way from perfect, so buckle up, lots of work to do. The world knows America even if we don’t He was allegedly fired from a job as an event security guard for overly aggressive behavior.

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