Seems to be ever more truer today, at this moment than ever before, the chickens really are coming home to roost for the United States.  For upon these days the country awash in nausea should be shame but probably not,  it’s actions are finally leading it to be drawn and quartered at the precipice of a cliff readying itself to drag the American population over with it.  The lies have simply become too grand, the money run through too many of the wrong hands with now very little left for the desperate right ones.  Comments from a few on Facebook from an old life lamenting on the future of CNN, it’s dead and all that used to matter no longer does, but truth be told that is about what the entire existence of life in these United States of America has been rendered to,  almost nothing.  Humans have become labeled a marketable commodity of whom many reduced to nothing but a number.  And so where do we really go from here?  Well amongst my “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”  friends” no where but up, but amongst many of us folks personal current reality, that remains to be seen.

Numb to say the least.  Finally heard someone acknowledge what I as well as I’m sure many Americans have already concluded, we are no longer exceptional, but even more, we should stop lying that we are for it just continues to make us look like the fools much of the rest of the global community consider us to be.   But yes, yesterday a sermon by a pastor no less who was preaching  about how rather unexceptional America has become, not that we couldn’t and should be living up to that mantle but currently we are not.  As for those of living it every day this is not news.  He also spoke more truths to my ears, that the citizens should not wait on the government to do anything and neither party has the answer.   Should we really expect any answers from this, a ruling body who has clearly demonstrated it can’t even govern itself?   Overall the gist of the sermon touched upon certain themes one being how America’s political landscape has transformed into a bit of a free form, winner take all club in which they,  those amongst us who claim to be representative of the people; essentially all playing for the same team don’t even know each other anymore.  Well I’m gonna push some buttons because there are just some basic truths and I believe in calling a spade a spade.  What the country has operating at the highest levels of every organization, agency, and industry are but a cross section of the fabric of America; thieves, whores, rapists, murderers, substance abusers.; the most lost and defective of humanity’ gene pool who have managed to tap dance, or buy their way into positions of power.   And what we see played out everyday is nothing more than examples of the quote we’ve heard “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” “Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority” Lord Acton 1887.  The pastor further illuminated how America used to be a place where people actually cared about others, and the government was an actual government or who at least pretended to be of, by, and for the people.  Instead of what we have now amounts to nothing more than several factions of political mercenaries, who obviously throughout the years heard that the country was ripe for the taking and to the winners go the spoils.   And this is why it should be no surprise to anyone to hear the railings of grown men actually crowing about inserting themselves into women’s affairs when it comes to their very God given right to manage their very own bodies.  Or yacking about what to do about the so called entitlement programs that NO American I know ever signed any legal paperwork agreeing to forfeit hard earned labor wages to the government for anything.  And that the government it self has been raiding for years, the robbing peter to pay paul effect or not.  But that’s just one entity, so again why is anyone surprised by U.S. Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair on charges for all types of alleged unseemly, repugnant, essentially crimes against women.  Yeah but it’s the military, and so what exactly does that mean?   Again where do the soldiers  come from, maybe torn from streets of America, the lifers groomed from cradle to grave, programming in effect from day one; many of whom often spend valuable life moments trying to defend the often indefensible, that inability to look at themselves, warts and all and acknowledge they have failed to live up to the right to even be called a human being.

Unfortunately truth be told it seems the wildly obsessive pro business culture has apparently made it easy for pretty much anyone who claims to be a job creator to set up shop anywhere, under any shingle.  Who even knows, and frankly even cares what’s to say there aren’t terrorists in our midst running so called businesses from within the country for as long as the money is flowing we see it does not even matter.   But in many cases probably often the same psychological profile of people who are incarcerated but didn’t have the intelligence to parlay any opportunity the right way.  These alleged business leaders are often already the most broken, damaged goods amongst us, actually weak, manipulative schemers who have sweet talked or bull rushed their way to licenses a.k.a as free for all to do anything.  And there we sit years later when employees are compelled to sue for whatever malfeasance or abuses they’ve suffered that is just a part of the culture of many businesses simply due to the people running them.  They have been breeding like cockroaches for that are what they do, and there are many more operating now especially give the dire economic climate many of us are living under.  I liken this subculture to much like the, soon to be sentenced pedophile Jerry Sandusky, a predator.   These people prescribe to the code of what I call the “Sandusky Principle”   Now that the headlines have faded I know we’d like to just file him away like a pair of old dingy, soiled undergarments we can’t stand to look at, problem is we just can’t get away from the likes of him because he comes in matching sets.  Hence try as we might the “Sandusky Principle” has infected so many others, many who run corporate America, and other businesses.   It’ basic tenets entrenched and thriving in the very rubric of American life so how is this for a character profile, a deeply, badly defective human being with narcissistic tendencies that drive it to but one objective only; to take advantage of the most desperately vulnerable, and least amongst America’s population.

I for one am the rocket scientist reduced to working in a pig sty, a trough with mortal men who bandy the excuse that they are but mortal men which justifies they never aspire to do better and they don’t, yet tragically they are the ones running the insane asylum, raping, pillaging, playing creatively with their financials.  But after all in this madhouse called capitalism who is actually watching which is why they are empowered by the government to do it, often getting away with it in the first place.  But as I am constantly reminded I am one of the lucky ones, in what Mortimer Zuckerman, editor-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report  had the common decency in his Sept 7, 2012 Wall Street Journal, and Sept 19th, 2012 U.S. News Op-ed pieces to admit is this generation’ modern day American Depression.  Companies that essentially pay what they want,  when, and if they feel like it for the labor Americans afford them because in this economic climate working anything means what one has to do, as opposed to something which was the lives many Americans used to have that equated to what one actually wanted to do.  As the video Nickel and Dimed from the American Ruling Class demonstrates is that the United States of What?  desires, endorses and promotes an actual equivalent of a slave labor force and over the years the rush of companies to overseas locales where such treatment of their citizens is allowed, that practice has finally found it’s way back to the American borders.  All of which which explains exactly why in the current economy many companies are actually shattering the book on record profits and yet with increasing numbers of Americans subsequently being tossed into poverty also in numbers not seen in many years.

There is a level of despondency across the land, it’ stench palpable, now why is that?  Could it be perhaps because a population, a nation sees no possible light or answer other than to “opt” out of this life as we’ve seen from the headlines on the increase in suicides perhaps  because of country that so despises it’s own citizens it offers nothing more than alleged job creator private sector businesses to run roughshod over Americans.  And when they are but entities whose sole objective is how much it can use, abuse, farm out, cast away until it’s left nothing but an empty shell.  That’s what this is right, the hollowing out of America, the figurative and many cases literal evisceration.

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