It’s been said sometimes when something can’t be fixed maybe best it be destroyed, just start from scratch.  Is this, could this be on schedule for a mankind who can’t even save himself from himself?  How perhaps Mother Nature may yet finally have to fix what apparently we human beings cannot.  A character from the small independent piece “Ever Since The World Ended” lamented “I was quite depressed, I miss civilization as we knew it quite a bit, but now I see that it was meant to come to past” according to Sotosh speaking with a few other survivors twelve years in aftermath.  My summation at this time is that man is on a firm and deliberate collision course with himself.  Everyday just reveals more and more, now am I suggesting that today, tomorrow, or a year or two we are done.  No.  But that the further we continue down this path the more likely the closing scene of this narrative called life on Earth will not be good one for a whole lot of folks.  And why, because of us no doubt.  Though perhaps it could be a good thing, yes I know how could I think  such a thing.  I assure you I’m not alone in these matters.  Another line from the movie, a teen character raised after the fictitious plague that took the world out, saving it from it’ own self inflicted madness that was swallowing it.  “I think yall got lucky from what it sounds like yall were on your way to fuckin this planet up and this planet stopped you before you could”  according to James during an informal round table discussion in the wilderness.    And how about my personal favorite, the great Cormac McCarthy’ “The Road”  I read the book, and loved the movie for it was perhaps the best  recent depiction of a civilization leveled, humanity equalized apparently, I say into forced re-orientation with self in a land whose population had forgotten such notions.  Much like ours now nothing like end of the world, literal reshaping of Earth, – America to truly level the playing field.   What would the likes of Mr. Bain Capital himself, Romney and those like him look like without their weapon called money to toss around?  I believe them and those like would perish never having to walk in the shoes of common folk for a governor as daddy would no longer have meaning in a re-ordered world.  Devastation of a society often the only way to truly restore balance when a species such as ours requires a re-introduction to it’ humanity when so utterly lost as we are right now.  Last week days shy of May, Nor’easter in the North, 40 degrees in some parts of the South, 80 on the next, said is not for us to know the season when the call of reckoning is upon us.  I could only wish, for all indications we as a civilization have most certainly lost our way flailing about in our arrogance every day taken for granted never to appreciate the precious gift of life upon this Earth bestowed upon each of us by our birthday is about right and should be snatched away.  So you ask is that what this piece about, the end times, yeah, yeah heard that before tell us something new.  Well I am an evidence freak and always try to partner my rhetoric with it, for it is not take my word, for who am I, just look around.  This is about the undoing of America from the inside out, for again as I’ve said before the best weapon is the one formed and used from within self.

ABC’s Nightline segment on America’ new open dirty little secret, essentially promotion of child rape, much like any other third world nation like India who at least is open about selling their children into sex slavery.   America continues to promote itself as a faith based country at every turn while businesses continue reduce human beings to nothing more than commodities.  Listening to Sean Hannity’ radio show where guest Robin Leach describing his weeping for the slow undoing of the country he used to showcase drooling in excess, I believe rumor has it those days have come and gone, recess is over.

Now do understand there is never just one culprit in anything for has our madam Secretary Hilary Clinton once said best “it takes a village” I translate it takes a whole lotta folk to share in either building something up or tearing it down .  Hence the new attorney Liz McDougall representing the website had a point when she said they alone weren’t the problem.  The attorney general for Washington state, Rob McKenna described the business practices of an American business such as as inappropriate saying “this is not acceptable behavior for an American company” Well it sure seems to be for one only need look at the screaming headlines over the years of so called unacceptable behavior heck it’s simply the “culture” of the real America up close and personal, ain’t no warm and fuzzy here, the Secret Service Scandal?  How young ere they, really.  Yeah I heard they checked but the country is really good doing what it does best, telling lies.  One only need re-wind years back to the show “To Catch A Predator” maybe that’s why it was really cancelled risks of too many more “upstanding” citizens getting revealed for their defects.   At the heart are the fact young boys in America being raised to view girls as nothing more than cattle for sale.  Backpage is but one conduit, but do represent the truth about many American companies salacious, slovenly desire for all things money.  And as I’ve said before the down and dirty, the kinds of people who are often viewed as the best candidates to run companies are often be the kind who would eat their young and yours too if their were a profit attached, shareholders, jowls dripping over profit doesn’t really matter where it comes from.   So what’s next, dogs, and cats I mean why not in the new or rather devolution of a nation of anything goes.  America does have a problem, too many defective human beings, nature’ misfire, they, nothing more than constructs, and at the end nothing more than empty shells; crabs scurrying, and dying along the beach hallowed out.   Liz McDougal made the point clear isn’t the problem, probably like a symptom, more but one back door to the wider problem, a country getting more littered everyday with broken Americans.  Who knows perhaps in another dark room somewhere along the corridor there are other gutted people masquerading as half functioning human beings dining on human flesh.  Only time, or the internet will tell, I mean why not nothing seems to have stopped us yet; or perhaps maybe Mother Nature will finally have the last laugh.






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