Dare Ya!!

A word of sanity from the United States officials a.k.a. the “crazies” advising Israel to what, tread lightly as they contemplate options, continuing their drumbeat toward a possible attack on Iran.  The clarion call normally led by the U.S. stepping back to what, think? evaluate, say it ain’t so.  A potential invasion or full on war,  and the country’  moral arbiters of right and wrong not salivating over the possibility, say it ain’t so, what the hell,  have I been transported to an alternate universe.

According to a retired Air Force Lt. Gen David A. Deptula, a former intelligence official candidly expressing to all the normal war-mongering “crazies” talk of bombing Iran – “it ain’t going to be that easy”  Ya think?  Amazing just how much of the true history, and essentially dirty laundry America likes to stuff in old pantry closets, forgetting about it, but critical thinking citizens do not.   Like  one William E. Lynch in AJC’ letters to the editor couple of weeks back when he called upon both Israel and the United States to perhaps take a bit of self reflection involving it’ own conscience before attacking, no actually invading a country that has not attacked us.  He so aptly reminded us of the only country to really drop, what those pesky weapons of mass destruction on a human populace, and who might that be, can I get a witness.  Oh that’s right ask Japan.   And whose march into and over all things not ours continued throughout history.   He proffered advice on rather how he thought following 9/11  The U.S. might do some soul searching for a it’ conscience and perhaps why it felt, I say obsessively compelled to attack a country who in fact did not attack us.   Well I assert for one to do that heavy lifting you must first have a conscience, so just how many times does the United States have to prove to GOD, country, and the world it knows nothing about conscience; for one must first have one.   Me thinks GOD and the rest of the world got that memo a long time ago.  Americans are the ones bathing in that kool-aid, sporting those flashing, neon blinding, rose colored glasses.  The difference between the U.S. and N. Korea is they’re not shy, nor embarrassed about their madness, America likes to dress ours up as if a pig in a dress isn’t really a pig right?  Mr. Lynch seemed to surmise, and I’m inclined to agree with him, that apparently the United States just loves to go to war, that based on it’s rather telling history.   I’ll do Mr. Lynch one better, based on gutter trawling capitalists mantra, and the American heavy metal band Megadeth, “Killing Is My Business…… And Business is Good!

But us critical thinkers, and true patriots of this country also may offer a bit of advice, danger Will Robinson!! An adversary always prepared to go down with the ship or one who would deliberately crash the ship is inherently a very dangerous one, not to be tarried with.  Do we need to be reminded of the kamikaze pilots of World War 2, and this century’ suicide bombers.  According to current intelligence analysts the potential ramifications of an attack on Iran carries with it too many unknown variables, what-ifs; sounds a bit like gambling to me.  Question is would the chest thumping U.S. really be willing to roll the dice on a what if?  Bon Jovi said it best, now U.S. go ahead try living on a prayer see how that works out just remember you’d be possibly taking the entire nation down with you.  And this time your kids get to feel the pain along with the rest of us.

But like all bullies who when “common sense” prevails recognize there’s always one bigger with more rocks or friends than them.  Them good old second thoughts are typically the life savers, “ah look before I leap” I liken it to all that man flexing  tough talk the country is known for like one of the certified “crazies” is doing now imploring  President Obama to bomb Syria.  Well what are bullies known for? Typically scurrying back to their corner, head bowed, whimpering well ah “in retrospect.”  It appears like all half-wit bullies we do know which fights to pick.  And here I was girding myself for the front row seat to real “reality TV” live action 3D Hell on Earth unleashed by none other than yours truly, “ah well on second thought” – Thought we were finally ready to go ahead finish it, slit our own throats, cut off that arrogant nose to spite our face.  Guess maybe a dogfight possibly joined by an angry China, Russia, and any other Islamic country who would jump in just because for once they’d be the ones drooling wouldn’t be a quite so fair a fight huh, m…….  I’d say the sharks may yet get to smell chum in the water.  I say in the words of  “Rocky Balboa”  go for it!  Dare ya, double dare ya.





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