To say this requires the will of JOB would be an understatement, then I suppose that has always been the objective, to break us. To whip a nation into submission requires a monumental fraternal collective of the ego, and GOD knows this country has more than it’s share of that running it, we only need look to the current circus act, Pennywise in the flesh, flaming red. The rest of the global community surely is, eyes upon us. legend zen for sale Even more, the eyes of GOD, has he always must, except this time he must surely be shaking his head for while we were already the lemmings on the edge of the cliff there must be pause to see if we will take that dive over the edge come November. Their version may be a myth, ours won’t be. But un momento, before I digress this one is not about that, yet. two more months. I know I’ve had the last several years of silence, just trying to not drown in the sewer, new paradigm of the American Dream, but as I mentioned the will of JOB just hasn’t been there, it can best be summed up in a word. Numb. I will begin this way, and honestly not to offend, but the truth is on display everywhere too much to ignore unless that is your salve, deer in headlights, rose colored spectacles and all. Like I said this is not about that but I will borrow the theme for a moment, the “let’s make America great again”. Well exactly when was that? Really. Because for the record according to a piece in the Washington Post the U.S. suicide rate has risen sharply in the 21st century. And when did that begin exactly well somewhere around 2001, and so give or take fifteen say sixteen years ago. Okay, and well wait for it…… Since that time, I mean was America great then because according to the title the uptick in suicide is traced to start of the 21st century, so I proffer if America was so great at that time why have so many United States citizens apparently been just dying to get out! How’s that for a great nation. I guess when one finally rises from their comatose state and see the country for what it really is, yeah you probably do want to escape modern day slavery too. Example, I mean three jobs just to keep from drowning, one working for the city, working with your ex to help put your child through private school, but then to still have police officers terrorizing you while just trying to get home in your beat up old car for fact you are still a nigger in the United States of America and you will never be good enough to not be terrorized. Yes I said it, for I have no fear, concern or obsession with any of those foreign fanatics and their cults, my concern is with some, yes I said that too only SOME of the jackboots behaving like terrorists in this country. The ones whose hard on for all things black compel them to pull over any and all things that meet the profile, the ones who burst in your house, drag the wrong person to jail with nothing more than an oops my bad, and all authorities on record okay with it. I echo SOME because I have known many at every level and even on a more personal level, a parent, and by and large they are not in the business of deliberately gunning down citizens for sport. Those I knew and I’m sure those other good ones I didn’t, rather just wanted to make it home to their families. But lets be frank there is no career, industry or otherwise that is stocked with 100% perfect employees. Be real. Now that brings to me crux of this, but a snapshot of the current trending spectacle and yes in defense of Colin Kaepernick, for I want put it on front street. buy mu legend zen For real! Next episode.

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It has been a drag for sure and as I sit here are 4:00am, it still is. Just finish watch a repeat of the a Frontline documentary on the essentially the usual suspects, how’s this for profiling? Alpha White Male. Mmmmmm……….. Is that profile that far off? The banking industry, high level cabinet officials in this here government, not to even mention the list of politicians that could snake around a corner. Is that profile any clearer. Now let’s not get it twisted because I’m actually gonna take it a bit deeper than that for as we should all know bad acts are never just about one race because of the bad acts of some. Right? But there is a another common denominator that absolutely cannot and honestly should not be ignored because the evidence is everywhere, more blatant than ever before and getting worse. We will get to that and more in part 2. Yes, I have been remiss in continued regularity suffice to say I am back now and as I respect and understand a blog should not be a forum to expound your personal disappointments, or grievances especially with all the more important current recent headlines, but please allow this brief aside for it cannot be helped. Though the initial outrage has subsided because for the moment I remain stuck there in this nest I am still roiling. If there be any place that exist past disgust, very safe to say I am there. I can only attribute this to being trapped in the revolving nightmare for awhile, stuck in an endless loop with as it turns out a nest of vipers masquerading as Santa Claus and a band of elves, actually the very profile of many running America, but again we’ll get to that later. I’ve been reminded more than once I am thine own worse enemy for I seemingly can’t get out of my own way. Please pardon if like most of my brethren I wasn’t raised to get down on all fours, perform circus tricks, hop up and down and or be a little syncophant. And that is the bane of my existence here upon this Earth given that is rather the standard operating procedure of life in America for 99% of the population, and well that other 1% we know really don’t give a flying fuck as they pretty much already live on a different planet. Can you say record corporate profits coupled with still high unemployment, aka the American way. mu legend power leveling The scourge upon this good Earth, specifically America is in fact US, because rather than working, pulling together in the same direction for the betterment of us all; what real countries, and companies with anything called a conscience do, the objective is by any means necessary, rip, eat, gorge each other to shreds. The embraced, encouraged, rewarded, and accepted practice, the true American way is dog eat dog, well go figure silly me there I go “thinking” again that as human beings we were supposed to be better than dogs. Then again deep down in the dark recesses of my soul I know that just ain’t so for so. I will always be an admirer with respect for those who take the high road for sadly many times to just sit and witness someone being gutted for sport just isn’t my thing; and if it meant me going to a knife fight with a B1B so be it. See from my perspective to attempt to make sense out of utter nonsense is a foolish waste of time that none of us really can afford nor have and when things so elementary are missed or just plain ignored perhaps extra emphasis is required, the point to be made very LOUD and very CLEAR, so that the average brain waves get the damn message. mu legend zen for sale So to see such a better man than me ushered out by a nest of vipers when he could not only have tossed them all under a tank and drove over them is hard to take. You would think no one would get “too” comfortable in this day and age when there are cameras everywhere and now everyone’s got one, but so much for snakes who believe they’re smarter or more cunning than everyone else. This is where we are at the, the average American male, only those that fill that profile will feel the sting of that truth, sobering isn’t it, as in the man in the mirror. Our country’ biggest problem is the equivalent of the A-Bomb, EGO in the hands of the wrong people is a very dangerous weapon, so goes the state of America and the average American guy, okay so who is average; you’ll recognize yourself. Essently the builders of a nation of thieves, a country of false floors, liars behind every door, American businesses led by her dysfunctional crop of damaged goods. The man whose job was summarily dismissed told me to tell this viper that he in fact saw him laid out in his car sleeping when he was supposed to be working, the one who replaced him. I told him I don’t negotiate, picture or video evidence works better for me. The whole situation frankly had me feeling like going all Khmer Rouge on some folks (metaphorically speaking of course) for had he gone low and recorded it and given it to me I’ve would have posted to YouTube, named all parities, and the company involved. He was disheartened because he did do his job committedly so to then to still take the high road, be the better man while I for me is the equivalent of sitting among this nest of vipers knowing what I know is akin to sitting like a King Cobra or Black Mamba seething. But as I am also always reminded and yes I have the faith though some days, and I’m sure it may not seem as such from pieces such as this, I am one of God’s stubborn children; but in the end he does take care of his own. The better man than me is doing more than okay, totally landing on his feet without missing a beat, something with even health benefits which the gutter company did not have. A better man than me I fathom that’s why he’s gone, but tragically that is the state of this United States of America at large in 2013.

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Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. KJV When we last met and left off I was mentioning the long list of bad behavior people or at least immoral that is if this nation even knows what that is anymore. So how about this for profiling, and I believe it was a black Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist who aptly noted in a recent article about how any of us could actually profile people if it wasn’t absolutely ludicrous and made sense on any level to paint an entire race of people with one broad brush-stroke. For instance he mentioned how by statistics every time we might hear methamphetamine we might associate that drug use with predominantly whites for that’s who statistics seem to suggest are it’s base users. legend zen for sale Or how about this throughout the worse of our country’ financial debacles, from the Charles Keating Savings and Loan of the 1980’s, to Michael Milken’s insider trading, the multitude of SEC violations of the recent near financial collapse, and more recently the conviction of ex-billionaire tycoon R Allen Stanford, and to the “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, to environmental violations of Union Carbide, Pacific, Gas, and Electric groundwater contamination in Hinkley, California, Hooker Chemical &Love Canal and other corporations, to the shame and embarrassing moments of our armed forces at Tail Hook to the sexual escapades of our public officials, both military and legislators, David Patraeus, Eliot Spitzer, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, John Edwards, David Vitter, and of course not to mention the other long lists of mass killers along with serial killers. Amazing thing huh the players always seem to look the same, and please don’t talk to me about the errant exceptions, I’m talking about the seeming rule. How’s that for profiling? But I’m sure you get my point what would we all look like as reasonably intelligent people if we used such list of transgressions to judge an an entire race, pretty ignorant huh? Now get this I told you this is far bigger than, and so far beyond race, not white, not black, red, or other but in this case something far more odius and dangerous. Several months ago an Atlanta Journal Constitution vent respondent took the words right out of my mouth when they wrote Let’s not elect any more men. buy mu legend zen They’ve had control for the last couple of thousand years and it hasn’t worked out so well for most of us. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself for that is the gist of it, but no broad painting with one stroke, not close to referring to all men as narcissistic jerks, in fact beta’s are Earth’s male species friend, it’s those damn alpha’s that are the enemy of state and the evidence is everywhere, talk about dereliction of duty, alpha males wrote the book on it so who better to break and violate it to the core. And although it had already come to me here’s what I term the recipe for disaster that has been plaguing us, ALPHA MALES with EGO, TESTOSTERONE laden, soaked in ADRENALINE, SEROTONIN, and when the freaking imbeciles really want to go off the deep end, add steroids, voila! dangerous blood boil equals NAPALM! It’s amazing this damn country is still standing at all. But I posit that’s how 9/11, Iraq War, every other freaking war, conflict and any mess that has shackled this country, tethered it in chains happened in the first place. The alpha male, that essence of their philosophy like a corrosive adhesive that eats aways at the very fabric of life, the true fu$#king menace to society. Fu$#k you JOHN GALT!! George Will alluded to it on an episode of This Week with George Stephanopoulos about how these incidents should not be taken as essentially a swipe against most as in an entire group but rather a few messed up individuals. I agreed immediately thinking as in more like mentally ill, but for all our well being as well theirs they should in effect be declawed at birth the same way they are circumcised, defang them for the good of civilization so perhaps a lowering of testosterone would be in order to keep them from bashing their heads into walls, and taking the rest of us along for the ride. One of the most bizarre tragic by product of the damage alpha males continue to accomplish on Earth is absolute hatred of women of Earth, sick because man erupted from thy woman and yet to look at the current headlines man hates woman so go figure. And for the record now when you hear anyone speaking of or describing “you people” ask yourself exactly who coined the phrase because in the end of days when all is said and done there never was a “you people” for it began and ended with the man or woman in the damn mirror. Hear us “King of Pop”. And as Bill Maher said on a April show detailing a litany of ills with our country maybe the problem is YOU! So by all means America let’s start there and finally let the real healing of a nation begin.

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“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.” Albert Einstein  goodreads.com

Well I stand by the notion that very statement will stand forever and is the essence of delusion which seems to have much of America in it’s grip.  According to Jack Lew on This Week with George Stephanopoulos the country can’t afford self -inflicted wounds.  Well I challenge isn’t that exactly what America has proven to be best at, self inflicted wounds, the many growing state of affairs that prompted this blog, 21st Century Suicide Watch; you get it now?  As always there are just so many awful headlines screaming from the last several months, from what may well become known for this decade as “The Verdict”  to the NSA surveillance practices, to the latest string of bad acts from the usual suspects of professional elected perverts, to another summer of the bad boys of baseball.

What a fine mess we’ve made.   So much for human progress, oh that’s right in fact Chris Hedges did refer to it as a “myth” in his Truth Dig op-ed piece earlier this year “The Myth of Human Progress”  As it turns out, or so to me there’s much substance to that hypothesis found more and more every day and in some respect among the many corridors of American life is starting to look like a 21st century Greek tragedy.   Human progress huh, so therein lies the hook of a sick joke right?  Progress? what kind and whose version? And this is the totalitarian rat hole citizens are demanded to be proud of.  And yet it appears it’s questionable thought to others as well for one respondent to the question posed by Creative Loafing  to readers July 4th issue “Why do you love America?  So me thinks not so much when the one lone voice in the wilderness called back “They want us to love it? Give us something to love,“‘Brian Easterwood at facebook.com/clatl.   Well I suppose under the guise of some standards when comparing existence to that one step above a gutter as are many third world countries I guess we should be proud of this cluster fuck!

New York recently convicted a former police officer for essentially what would be considered grievous offenses against man-kind in heinous plot to kidnap women and dine on their “girl meat.”‘  Well as I mentioned in part one metaphorically speaking many Americans might well also be convicted of that behavior given the state of things nation wide and it’s actually part a much more deeply disturbing character flaw many carry.   A segment months ago on Nightline “Guns To Go” for instance included statistics that pointed to the United States as the most heavily armed nation in the world.   And we seem to be picking up the pace on human sex-child trafficking for according to report last month in U.S. New&World Report figures from Shared Hope International it is a 9.8 billion domestic industry in America with numbers up-towards 100, 000 being used; sounds very profitable the very thing we Americans worship right?  Profit by any means necessary! Hold now I’m getting to the big, big picture first I must lay the groundwork so there won’t be any confusion.   So all this said who is always leading the charge for freedom in America also by any and all means right?  Look in the mirror remember, but not so fast I told you it was much bigger than that, so much more than race though it does start there.  But by the time I’m finished laying it out you won’t be able to utter a word in defense because I will so narrow the focus, and now even others are starting to own up to, so I gladly see I’m not alone.  I mean for God’s sake I’m really not a rocket scientist, and not much of a liar either I just call it as it is, but you know of course that truth thing isn’t thought much of around these here parts in um AmeriKa.   So onto this ongoing conversation on race relations in this alleged post racist country given what may become as I mentioned earlier, the social experiment election of a black president, this in the wake of the acquittal last month of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Well on Bill Maher recently former Republican Congressman, Fl Connie Mack answering the question posed by panelist did he think racial issues exists in America or not.  His reply was “of course it does I think you’d have to put your head in the sand if you think it wasn’t there the fact that we’re having this debate we’re having right now says it’s there and to ignore it does more of a disservice than to to take it on”   “I think it’ uncomfortable for everybody but I think alot of topics are uncomfortable if we don’t talk about em we’re not…..”‘  So how’ that for naked truth, because prior to that everything out if the government’ mouth, especially some whites were blacks were just paranoid.  But I guess that’s why I always thought well okay of him,  well best not mention that with where I’m going to go with this in calling a spade a spade.   And then we had the continuous lies of the many of the boys of summer of Major League Baseball, though we won’t dwell long on this for sake of the bigger picture, with so many juiced was there ever a time when all were clean, have they committed a reversal where being a pure, natural athlete is the anomaly.   Pretty much how I feel everyday feeling like the only sane person in a well of psychos which has seemingly become the standard.

And last but not least the latest with the San Diego Mayor and Mr. Wiener both entitlement babies of their own but more on that shortly for I’ve got a profile since much (not all) of the country seems to be obsessed with it and all  for everybody and it will better than you could have thought, and in this case true.  Stay tuned.





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Is there really anything left to say or anyone to say it? These are days when I imagine many others have the same sentiment, for one only need read the headlines, crawls or any other running commentary to understand in many respects we really know very little of what we “think” we know about the United States in it’ truest sense. It’s like finding out that your favorite relative really is the pedophile he looked you in the eye and swore he wasn’t. But perhaps sadly it’s what many more Americans prescribe to and that is the policy of “look, hear, speak, and see” no evil; the ignorance is bliss syndrome. Rather odd comment recently about the current administrations’ drone program for according to Robert Grenier the former head of CIA Counter-Terrorism Center during the Dubya years “we have been seduced” by drones, further adding that the program is actually “creating more enemies than we are removing from the battlefield” Really? Who us “creating” more “good will” in other countries branding them with the U.S.in the name of democracy stamp. Hina Shamsi Director of the ACLU’ National Security Project June 13th USA Today Op Ed piece agreed with Mr. Grenier’ assessment, and while I think many of us would tend to wholeheartedly concur with her argument that the nation’s violations of the supposedly governing laws under guise of national security really holds little to no weight for as many of us also know this approach is not new. Grenier says seduced, how about for American citizens according to Spike Lee’ Malcom X, “hoodwinked and bamboozled” with a rich history rife with programs like Cointelpro, Bay of Pigs, it is very crystal clear law or the rule thereof has no place nor existence in the nation. Samsi suggests current actions are leading down a dangerous road I say be careful what we ask for we just might get it. The first key to selling a lie is getting others to believe the lie, and then enslavement of an entire nation. When our own citizens are secretly held under siege why would citizens of other countries be off limits. Exactly what does the law international or otherwise mean to the government, or the United States Constitution for that matter, the formerly sacrosanct document it’ principles now cherry-picked, ridiculed, or often discarded like toilet paper. A civilization must first have laws that are so respected not viewed as an inconvenience by the furor of the moment; more to the point one that has a completely independent entity as guardians to it other than the ones expected to enforce it for example we’ve bore witness to how well law enforcement agencies left to policing themselves often works out. It is with no coincidence that the current national debate over the Obamacare ruling by the U.S. cheap mu Legend zen Supreme Court was in many circles met with such contempt that once again the Republicans are trolling the U.S. Constitution for any glimmer they can ferret out to offer them an snowball’ chance to circumvent the ruling all on their own, and they may have. And therein lies a crux of but one of the country’ problems, reducing or diminishing the lives of every day Americans to nothing more than a game of political rhetoric. mu legend zen Politicians’ only objective making sport of human American lives, the currency by which they wager. As a nation, as a people,Americaitself has become entangled, mired in human debasement, a country for which there is a profound loss of anything resembling standards. The hits just continue currently one of our esteemed military branches, the foundation of basic training upon entry into the United States Air Force a sex scandal unfolding, instructors “preying” on trainees, a recent lawsuit leveling charges against the United States Navy, Marines, and DOD of a widespread program of rape of military women. Onerous programs targeting Americans at peace marches or simply journalists asking the wrong questions being terrorized by placement on the” list” McCarthyism revisited. My GOD, have you no shame? And guess what, you don’t. I suppose this is what a “free” society really looks like, a sewer. I can’t say I am surprised for I have been checking under the hood of this shiny new car for some time and it’s continuing to look like the “lemon” it was first revealed to be. Hence there is absolutely no behavior or conduct that anyone could do that would surprise me, from the lowest man on the totem pole to the highest level of all levels, dignity is a dirty word as it stands and getting worse every day; for in the gutter we go. When anything, and everything becomes acceptable, the country is truly rudderless, no standards equal to civilized living, yet despite all outward appearances to the rest of the world but isn’t that what America is very skilled at, putting on a good show, for as we all know the show must go on. The question to maybe ponder right now, why? “Unlawful and Dangerous” http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/story/2012-06-12/drones-ACLU-Hina-Shamsi/55556482/1 United StatesConstitution http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html http://library.thinkquest.org/11046/days/bay_of_pigs.html For when diplomacy fails to garner results, what of course, destabilize the government or just go on and invade. buy mu legend zen http://www.grailwerk.com/docs/nytimes10.htm http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Afghanistan/Afghanistan_CIA_Taliban.html http://newsone.com/1205745/cia-osama-bin-laden-al-qaeda/ http://abcnews.go.com/International/story?id=81917&page=1 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/apr/27/manuel-noriega-us-friend-foe http://www.pbs.org/now/politics/cointelpro.html http://www.examiner.com/article/bullied-grandma-may-have-been-a-blessing-disguisehttp://www.examiner.com/article/bullied-grandma-may-have-been-a-blessing-disguise But an example of the kind of human beings coming in the following generations, probably the same stock as those running the current three ringed circus.

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This really is a game you know to some, one that will only stop when the pieces on the byways of life decide they have had enough of the manipulation, the control, and the downright extortion of their very lifeblood. ugg bailey bling uk Yes, long breath I took, I know the objective is have something to say all the time enough to blog everyday all day because life is happening by the milliseconds and one should by all means share. My preference is, as I try to practice what I preach and that is to not offer anything until I have something meaningful to present, in other words I hope that I neither open my mouth nor blog just to hear myself. It seems to be what many bloggers do, for as it is but an opinion, and like an as$#%, everyone has got one. cheap nike air max That said, I have watched with curiosity following the past several weeks of chaos unfolding surrounding the tragic death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, often debating with many of my brethren about the myriad of possibilities of exactly how this happened though there is currently but one version available. ray ban cats 5000 There were only two principles involved on that lonely night in Sanford, and yes forget alleged witnesses, they can only provide a portion of the narrative from where it was already unfolding. None of us were present, and of the only two that were, one is dead, his voice silenced forever, and the other well, a man so maligned, and vilified it’s no telling how muddy one’ memory gets when the walls are caving in all around you. adidas zx flux Hence will there be justice for Trayvon, who is also under character assassination of the most malicious kind for he is truly as defenseless as he was that night and cannot speak for himself; so who speaks for him. Air Jordan 3 Where that does leaves us, well for me the only real fact to be argued at this time is the law that allowed something like this to happen in the first place. Let us begin with what any reasonable minded person in any legislative system of a so called civilized society should have considered when authoring such a bill, and that is perhaps the lynch pin holding up this house of cards; that word reasonable. Reasonable quite clearly falling under the category of “perception” in and of itself a rather subjective concept. Or in plain English according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary 4 a (1): peculiar to a particular individual: PERSONAL (subjective judgments) (2): modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background (a subjective account of the incident). What was the “reasonable” minded state official who crafted the law thinking in deciding that human beings could be entrusted to exhibit judicious judgment when asserting this law? I offer in many cases pretty much the equivalent of placing a grenade in the hands of a toddler; give him time and poor little thing will self destruct all on his own. Recent Wall Street Journal analysis of FBI statistics on states with the stand your ground law noted a marked uptick of 53.5% in deaths labeled “justifiable homicides” in the following three years after law went into effect in those states. legend zen for sale Here’s the deal perception, or rather how it’s used often kills and in the hands of the “wrong” people is a dangerous thing. prix des lunettes ray ban wayfarer I say “wrong” to amplify the real point of all this madness, just who decides who is “wrong”, “fits” or is “suspicious” sounds a bit like “us” or “them” Problem is do any of us “reasonable” minded folk really want to live in a country where the only legal right one needs to blow anyone away is propped up under “I think” “I felt” “I perceived” myself to have been under presumption of imminent death, or great bodily harm. Now hold on I’m getting ready to go a bit deeper for let’s take that perception thing which constantly under construction is always open to interpretation, or a.k.a as reckless disregard. How is this for subjectivity for as you noted based on Webster’ definition it pretty much amounts to bias. And much like many members of the National Rifle Association love affair with all things called gun; I openly embrace my card-carrying member-ship of just say HELL NO to drugs club. nike air presto soldes So here’ where someone like me, and others bias could play a role in that profiling thing, a natural distrust abounds, who fits the current “profile” of the typical meth-head, or a.k.a known as Mexican Crack, or Redneck Cocaine for they aren’t your “typical” users (there goes that profiling again). According to the National Institute of Justice for they assert available data on typical methamphetamine users reveal that most are white, in their 20’s or 30’s, high school or better educated, often employed. mu legend power leveling So for those like me who carry the perception that every drug addict is a thief, derelict, weak minded soul who will gut anyone for that next fix, would I be perfectly justified in dropping one dead in his or her tracks because as I felt they looked “wrong” to me. Air Jordan 12 Baskets Would it matter that it was someone’ brother, husband, son, daughter and that I personally detest the conduct, well not according to these laws in their current form because that’s what a license to kill does; it emboldens one’ personal biases and judgment to take over. nike zoom Would I feel good about it, no, that’s just because I am swallowed whole by my conscience as a human soul, unlike many of my brethren. It is suggested the law is simply misunderstood, well in light of this tragedy that would be a correct assertion especially by the people tasked with enforcing it. Law enforcement officers duties don’t need to be hindered by shackling them to that “interpretation” thing. In fact this is evidence that interpretation in the hands of some armed Americans is a de facto license to kill. nike air max 90 femme I just would like to know at what point in this country will black Americans will have the right to “belong” anywhere without fear of being shot dead by some reckless person amped up on fumes of his or her own preconceived notions. And yet to this day some people are still shocked when they see stories like this, mmmm..… I am not and never will be surprised by the depths of human evil for as I know the human mind is the most dangerous weapon upon this Earth, it can propel you to the highest highs or the most vicious, and vile depths of depravity. I was advised for me to best integrate myself with these inmates running this madhouse was to lower my expectations of people and that I have, so I am never up-ended by what “people” do because be they your everyman, your police, your public officials, mother, father, child, they are always capable of doing anything when you find that button. Again it must always be reminded those whom forget history are ultimately doomed to repeat it. You will continue to be shocked as long as you hang on to visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, in la la land with Alice and all the rest of those of you with your neon blinking vacancy signs across your forehead about who this country really is; opening your mouths regurgitating stupid speak at every turn. America is a mighty long way from perfect, so buckle up, lots of work to do. http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/story/2012-03-26/stand-your-ground-police/53795024/1 http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303404704577311873214574462.html?mod=WSJ_hp_LEFTTopStories The world knows America even if we don’t http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=65991 He was allegedly fired from a job as an event security guard for overly aggressive behavior.

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Seems to be ever more truer today, at this moment than ever before, the chickens really are coming home to roost for the United States.  For upon these days the country awash in nausea should be shame but probably not,  it’s actions are finally leading it to be drawn and quartered at the precipice of a cliff readying itself to drag the American population over with it.  The lies have simply become too grand, the money run through too many of the wrong hands with now very little left for the desperate right ones.  Comments from a few on Facebook from an old life lamenting on the future of CNN, it’s dead and all that used to matter no longer does, but truth be told that is about what the entire existence of life in these United States of America has been rendered to,  almost nothing.  Humans have become labeled a marketable commodity of whom many reduced to nothing but a number.  And so where do we really go from here?  Well amongst my “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”  friends” no where but up, but amongst many of us folks personal current reality, that remains to be seen.

Numb to say the least.  Finally heard someone acknowledge what I as well as I’m sure many Americans have already concluded, we are no longer exceptional, but even more, we should stop lying that we are for it just continues to make us look like the fools much of the rest of the global community consider us to be.   But yes, yesterday a sermon by a pastor no less who was preaching  about how rather unexceptional America has become, not that we couldn’t and should be living up to that mantle but currently we are not.  As for those of living it every day this is not news.  He also spoke more truths to my ears, that the citizens should not wait on the government to do anything and neither party has the answer.   Should we really expect any answers from this, a ruling body who has clearly demonstrated it can’t even govern itself?   Overall the gist of the sermon touched upon certain themes one being how America’s political landscape has transformed into a bit of a free form, winner take all club in which they,  those amongst us who claim to be representative of the people; essentially all playing for the same team don’t even know each other anymore.  Well I’m gonna push some buttons because there are just some basic truths and I believe in calling a spade a spade.  What the country has operating at the highest levels of every organization, agency, and industry are but a cross section of the fabric of America; thieves, whores, rapists, murderers, substance abusers.; the most lost and defective of humanity’ gene pool who have managed to tap dance, or buy their way into positions of power.   And what we see played out everyday is nothing more than examples of the quote we’ve heard “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” “Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority” Lord Acton 1887.  The pastor further illuminated how America used to be a place where people actually cared about others, and the government was an actual government or who at least pretended to be of, by, and for the people.  Instead of what we have now amounts to nothing more than several factions of political mercenaries, who obviously throughout the years heard that the country was ripe for the taking and to the winners go the spoils.   And this is why it should be no surprise to anyone to hear the railings of grown men actually crowing about inserting themselves into women’s affairs when it comes to their very God given right to manage their very own bodies.  Or yacking about what to do about the so called entitlement programs that NO American I know ever signed any legal paperwork agreeing to forfeit hard earned labor wages to the government for anything.  And that the government it self has been raiding for years, the robbing peter to pay paul effect or not.  But that’s just one entity, so again why is anyone surprised by U.S. Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair on charges for all types of alleged unseemly, repugnant, essentially crimes against women.  Yeah but it’s the military, and so what exactly does that mean?   Again where do the soldiers  come from, maybe torn from streets of America, the lifers groomed from cradle to grave, programming in effect from day one; many of whom often spend valuable life moments trying to defend the often indefensible, that inability to look at themselves, warts and all and acknowledge they have failed to live up to the right to even be called a human being.

Unfortunately truth be told it seems the wildly obsessive pro business culture has apparently made it easy for pretty much anyone who claims to be a job creator to set up shop anywhere, under any shingle.  Who even knows, and frankly even cares what’s to say there aren’t terrorists in our midst running so called businesses from within the country for as long as the money is flowing we see it does not even matter.   But in many cases probably often the same psychological profile of people who are incarcerated but didn’t have the intelligence to parlay any opportunity the right way.  These alleged business leaders are often already the most broken, damaged goods amongst us, actually weak, manipulative schemers who have sweet talked or bull rushed their way to licenses a.k.a as free for all to do anything.  And there we sit years later when employees are compelled to sue for whatever malfeasance or abuses they’ve suffered that is just a part of the culture of many businesses simply due to the people running them.  They have been breeding like cockroaches for that are what they do, and there are many more operating now especially give the dire economic climate many of us are living under.  I liken this subculture to much like the, soon to be sentenced pedophile Jerry Sandusky, a predator.   These people prescribe to the code of what I call the “Sandusky Principle”   Now that the headlines have faded I know we’d like to just file him away like a pair of old dingy, soiled undergarments we can’t stand to look at, problem is we just can’t get away from the likes of him because he comes in matching sets.  Hence try as we might the “Sandusky Principle” has infected so many others, many who run corporate America, and other businesses.   It’ basic tenets entrenched and thriving in the very rubric of American life so how is this for a character profile, a deeply, badly defective human being with narcissistic tendencies that drive it to but one objective only; to take advantage of the most desperately vulnerable, and least amongst America’s population.

I for one am the rocket scientist reduced to working in a pig sty, a trough with mortal men who bandy the excuse that they are but mortal men which justifies they never aspire to do better and they don’t, yet tragically they are the ones running the insane asylum, raping, pillaging, playing creatively with their financials.  But after all in this madhouse called capitalism who is actually watching which is why they are empowered by the government to do it, often getting away with it in the first place.  But as I am constantly reminded I am one of the lucky ones, in what Mortimer Zuckerman, editor-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report  had the common decency in his Sept 7, 2012 Wall Street Journal, and Sept 19th, 2012 U.S. News Op-ed pieces to admit is this generation’ modern day American Depression.  Companies that essentially pay what they want,  when, and if they feel like it for the labor Americans afford them because in this economic climate working anything means what one has to do, as opposed to something which was the lives many Americans used to have that equated to what one actually wanted to do.  As the video Nickel and Dimed from the American Ruling Class demonstrates is that the United States of What?  desires, endorses and promotes an actual equivalent of a slave labor force and over the years the rush of companies to overseas locales where such treatment of their citizens is allowed, that practice has finally found it’s way back to the American borders.  All of which which explains exactly why in the current economy many companies are actually shattering the book on record profits and yet with increasing numbers of Americans subsequently being tossed into poverty also in numbers not seen in many years.

There is a level of despondency across the land, it’ stench palpable, now why is that?  Could it be perhaps because a population, a nation sees no possible light or answer other than to “opt” out of this life as we’ve seen from the headlines on the increase in suicides perhaps  because of country that so despises it’s own citizens it offers nothing more than alleged job creator private sector businesses to run roughshod over Americans.  And when they are but entities whose sole objective is how much it can use, abuse, farm out, cast away until it’s left nothing but an empty shell.  That’s what this is right, the hollowing out of America, the figurative and many cases literal evisceration.

What Living On $7 An Hour Actually Means





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It’s been said sometimes when something can’t be fixed maybe best it be destroyed, just start from scratch.  Is this, could this be on schedule for a mankind who can’t even save himself from himself?  How perhaps Mother Nature may yet finally have to fix what apparently we human beings cannot.  A character from the small independent piece “Ever Since The World Ended” lamented “I was quite depressed, I miss civilization as we knew it quite a bit, but now I see that it was meant to come to past” according to Sotosh speaking with a few other survivors twelve years in aftermath.  My summation at this time is that man is on a firm and deliberate collision course with himself.  Everyday just reveals more and more, now am I suggesting that today, tomorrow, or a year or two we are done.  No.  But that the further we continue down this path the more likely the closing scene of this narrative called life on Earth will not be good one for a whole lot of folks.  And why, because of us no doubt.  Though perhaps it could be a good thing, yes I know how could I think  such a thing.  I assure you I’m not alone in these matters.  Another line from the movie, a teen character raised after the fictitious plague that took the world out, saving it from it’ own self inflicted madness that was swallowing it.  “I think yall got lucky from what it sounds like yall were on your way to fuckin this planet up and this planet stopped you before you could”  according to James during an informal round table discussion in the wilderness.    And how about my personal favorite, the great Cormac McCarthy’ “The Road”  I read the book, and loved the movie for it was perhaps the best  recent depiction of a civilization leveled, humanity equalized apparently, I say into forced re-orientation with self in a land whose population had forgotten such notions.  Much like ours now nothing like end of the world, literal reshaping of Earth, – America to truly level the playing field.   What would the likes of Mr. Bain Capital himself, Romney and those like him look like without their weapon called money to toss around?  I believe them and those like would perish never having to walk in the shoes of common folk for a governor as daddy would no longer have meaning in a re-ordered world.  Devastation of a society often the only way to truly restore balance when a species such as ours requires a re-introduction to it’ humanity when so utterly lost as we are right now.  Last week days shy of May, Nor’easter in the North, 40 degrees in some parts of the South, 80 on the next, said is not for us to know the season when the call of reckoning is upon us.  I could only wish, for all indications we as a civilization have most certainly lost our way flailing about in our arrogance every day taken for granted never to appreciate the precious gift of life upon this Earth bestowed upon each of us by our birthday is about right and should be snatched away.  So you ask is that what this piece about, the end times, yeah, yeah heard that before tell us something new.  Well I am an evidence freak and always try to partner my rhetoric with it, for it is not take my word, for who am I, just look around.  This is about the undoing of America from the inside out, for again as I’ve said before the best weapon is the one formed and used from within self.

ABC’s Nightline segment on America’ new open dirty little secret, essentially promotion of child rape, much like any other third world nation like India who at least is open about selling their children into sex slavery.   America continues to promote itself as a faith based country at every turn while businesses continue reduce human beings to nothing more than commodities.  Listening to Sean Hannity’ radio show where guest Robin Leach describing his weeping for the slow undoing of the country he used to showcase drooling in excess, I believe rumor has it those days have come and gone, recess is over.

Now do understand there is never just one culprit in anything for has our madam Secretary Hilary Clinton once said best “it takes a village” I translate it takes a whole lotta folk to share in either building something up or tearing it down .  Hence the new attorney Liz McDougall representing the website Backpage.com had a point when she said they alone weren’t the problem.  The attorney general for Washington state, Rob McKenna described the business practices of an American business such as Backpage.com as inappropriate saying “this is not acceptable behavior for an American company” Well it sure seems to be for one only need look at the screaming headlines over the years of so called unacceptable behavior heck it’s simply the “culture” of the real America up close and personal, ain’t no warm and fuzzy here, the Secret Service Scandal?  How young ere they, really.  Yeah I heard they checked but the country is really good doing what it does best, telling lies.  One only need re-wind years back to the show “To Catch A Predator” maybe that’s why it was really cancelled risks of too many more “upstanding” citizens getting revealed for their defects.   At the heart are the fact young boys in America being raised to view girls as nothing more than cattle for sale.  Backpage is but one conduit, but do represent the truth about many American companies salacious, slovenly desire for all things money.  And as I’ve said before the down and dirty, the kinds of people who are often viewed as the best candidates to run companies are often be the kind who would eat their young and yours too if their were a profit attached, shareholders, jowls dripping over profit doesn’t really matter where it comes from.   So what’s next, dogs, and cats I mean why not in the new or rather devolution of a nation of anything goes.  America does have a problem, too many defective human beings, nature’ misfire, they, nothing more than constructs, and at the end nothing more than empty shells; crabs scurrying, and dying along the beach hallowed out.   Liz McDougal made the point clear Backpage.com isn’t the problem, probably like a symptom, more but one back door to the wider problem, a country getting more littered everyday with broken Americans.  Who knows perhaps in another dark room somewhere along the corridor there are other gutted people masquerading as half functioning human beings dining on human flesh.  Only time, or the internet will tell, I mean why not nothing seems to have stopped us yet; or perhaps maybe Mother Nature will finally have the last laugh.






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Dare Ya!!

A word of sanity from the United States officials a.k.a. the “crazies” advising Israel to what, tread lightly as they contemplate options, continuing their drumbeat toward a possible attack on Iran.  The clarion call normally led by the U.S. stepping back to what, think? evaluate, say it ain’t so.  A potential invasion or full on war,  and the country’  moral arbiters of right and wrong not salivating over the possibility, say it ain’t so, what the hell,  have I been transported to an alternate universe.

According to a retired Air Force Lt. Gen David A. Deptula, a former intelligence official candidly expressing to all the normal war-mongering “crazies” talk of bombing Iran – “it ain’t going to be that easy”  Ya think?  Amazing just how much of the true history, and essentially dirty laundry America likes to stuff in old pantry closets, forgetting about it, but critical thinking citizens do not.   Like  one William E. Lynch in AJC’ letters to the editor couple of weeks back when he called upon both Israel and the United States to perhaps take a bit of self reflection involving it’ own conscience before attacking, no actually invading a country that has not attacked us.  He so aptly reminded us of the only country to really drop, what those pesky weapons of mass destruction on a human populace, and who might that be, can I get a witness.  Oh that’s right ask Japan.   And whose march into and over all things not ours continued throughout history.   He proffered advice on rather how he thought following 9/11  The U.S. might do some soul searching for a it’ conscience and perhaps why it felt, I say obsessively compelled to attack a country who in fact did not attack us.   Well I assert for one to do that heavy lifting you must first have a conscience, so just how many times does the United States have to prove to GOD, country, and the world it knows nothing about conscience; for one must first have one.   Me thinks GOD and the rest of the world got that memo a long time ago.  Americans are the ones bathing in that kool-aid, sporting those flashing, neon blinding, rose colored glasses.  The difference between the U.S. and N. Korea is they’re not shy, nor embarrassed about their madness, America likes to dress ours up as if a pig in a dress isn’t really a pig right?  Mr. Lynch seemed to surmise, and I’m inclined to agree with him, that apparently the United States just loves to go to war, that based on it’s rather telling history.   I’ll do Mr. Lynch one better, based on gutter trawling capitalists mantra, and the American heavy metal band Megadeth, “Killing Is My Business…… And Business is Good!

But us critical thinkers, and true patriots of this country also may offer a bit of advice, danger Will Robinson!! An adversary always prepared to go down with the ship or one who would deliberately crash the ship is inherently a very dangerous one, not to be tarried with.  Do we need to be reminded of the kamikaze pilots of World War 2, and this century’ suicide bombers.  According to current intelligence analysts the potential ramifications of an attack on Iran carries with it too many unknown variables, what-ifs; sounds a bit like gambling to me.  Question is would the chest thumping U.S. really be willing to roll the dice on a what if?  Bon Jovi said it best, now U.S. go ahead try living on a prayer see how that works out just remember you’d be possibly taking the entire nation down with you.  And this time your kids get to feel the pain along with the rest of us.

But like all bullies who when “common sense” prevails recognize there’s always one bigger with more rocks or friends than them.  Them good old second thoughts are typically the life savers, “ah look before I leap” I liken it to all that man flexing  tough talk the country is known for like one of the certified “crazies” is doing now imploring  President Obama to bomb Syria.  Well what are bullies known for? Typically scurrying back to their corner, head bowed, whimpering well ah “in retrospect.”  It appears like all half-wit bullies we do know which fights to pick.  And here I was girding myself for the front row seat to real “reality TV” live action 3D Hell on Earth unleashed by none other than yours truly, “ah well on second thought” – Thought we were finally ready to go ahead finish it, slit our own throats, cut off that arrogant nose to spite our face.  Guess maybe a dogfight possibly joined by an angry China, Russia, and any other Islamic country who would jump in just because for once they’d be the ones drooling wouldn’t be a quite so fair a fight huh, m…….  I’d say the sharks may yet get to smell chum in the water.  I say in the words of  “Rocky Balboa”  go for it!  Dare ya, double dare ya.





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Now some weeks past that thief of darkness latest claim we may continue to lament over tragedy and loss, if only for a moment, for the die was really cast a long time ago.  Though I’m sure some are tired of hearing, I’ve been pondering during this time for the only response I could utter when first hearing of the death of yet another of this generation’ musical icons was just damn!!  Another tortured soul whose demons finally caught her up with her.   While hard enough for the everyday person wrestling with all life’ challenges certainly under the glare of fame is perhaps a recipe for disaster for some that will always be lying in wait.

You may ask how does the death of this musical legend Whitney Houston fit this forum?  And I’d suggest looking at the site title again for at the end of the day the analogy is pretty clear,  suicide can take place in all forms for in one way or another many of us are on a long term suicide watch ourselves.   Once the course is charted that one decision, one move, destiny is set or reset  it becomes more a question of not if but when because as was the case with this broken soul, more shattered the longer she remained upon this Earth, hers,  a peace never to be found.   For many of such a meteoric ascension, both a blessing and more often a curse,  it can be overwhelming, exacting it’ toll, but these life experiences are supposed to help shape, not replace, bend yet not break us, and for celebrities who forget all that brought them to where they often trade themselves in for the hype of the image.   The truth is fame is so illusory that most forget that the keys to a chance of navigating it is finding the anchor that keeps you firmly rooted in reality in other words using fame while not allowing it to use you for when the music stops if all you’re left with is the reality of yourself, the human being, if you never managed a way to protect yourself  while continuing to cultivate and grow you discover yourself adrift.  We all will succumb to the ravages of time but when you give in to the hype hopping on your own glory train if that’s all you have left many find that a lonely place to be,  too much to overcome, this seems to be the bane of some of the brightest of this generations stars.

But sadly she is not alone for it crisscrosses at both the macro and micro levels,  beginning with government agencies city, state, and federal where it appears many are hell bent on tearing themselves  inside out ultimately destroying themselves from within.    It some days seems as if by definition man is simply fu%$ked up therefore only natural that every level of a country’ infrastructure is also fu%$ked up.  Imperfect beings wreaking havoc on everything we touch, first off ourselves, then determined to drag others along for the ride.  Sad, and spiritually bereft she forgot the core of GOD’ teachings to us all, the intangible, yet profound gift from our creator,  love yourself as much as you love him, and he loves you.  It is that which appears Whitney forgot that led her down the path of no return.   You were never anything but perfect in his vision, aggrieved that you forgot how to love yourself as much as he loved you.

I’ve been ruminating upon this amongst other things while on my brief  spiritual sabbatical for it appears more everyday a general state of unwell is permeating the landscape, anomie upon us, so I speak to you also from inside the madhouse, I say for though there are many probably none quite like this one.   In fact given the latest high profile casualty the state of affairs is apparently so bad many seem to be just dying to escape.  What could be so bad you ask, good question let’s take a look see.    Stay tuned PT 2, I promise.

Truth be told these people are already dead, just not in the grave yet.



The Trail of Tears









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