It’s not just me, so I know I’m far from unique in this perspective; it’s just the more I hear comparisons of the so-called great nation to Rome, the question arises more and more.   Is the writing on the wall, is it now time to start lowering flags at half staff for the United States.  I wrote many moons ago of an event that would lead to cataclysmic fracturing of the country much in the way that led to break-up of the U.S.S.R  in the eighties.  Since the evidence is in that the country has a group determined to keep raping others, why not like a bitter old married couple, relationship doomed from the start,  we just go our separate ways.   I mean didn’t one of the Republican candidates years ago pretty much suggest those sentiments more than once, Rick Perry’ what-if scenario that by all means why couldn’t Texas (Tejas) secede from the union were it to come to that for as we now all see this charade called America is quite far from the perfect union.   How’ this for hidden GOP position,  we’ll take ours, you take yours and go fend for yourselves, and the rest of the have nothings do the same, borders and all.    But I’d say this, and God forbid they should find themselves in need one day, I for one would say an emphatic no!.   America appears more every day to be currently writing it’ own obituary, a mighty nation falling.   More a question of where have we come from and more importantly where are we going?

Well shockingly ABC’ Diane Sawyer was able to provide a bit of nasty, but real insight chronicling on her special several months ago “A Hidden America: Children of the Plains” without having the parent corporate pimp daddy order the typical hack editing job.  I suppose at this point it’s a publicly open wound on the soul of America, and it speaks to one often repeated thought, those whom forget history are doomed to repeat it.   But to be able to frankly discuss the sad situation on the reservation of Pine Ridge in South Dakota in what outlined and amounted to a take-down of the tribe of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Indians,  and to how they arrived there from chief amongst many things,  the seizure, or call it what is was, outright theft of their land; leaving them reduced to squatters.  Diane further described what a 1980 summary by the U.S. Supreme Court that what was done to them as dishonorable as anything in American history.  And now buried under the weight of alcoholism, and obesity amongst other things,  open to further denigration courtesy of U.S. corporate bedmates, capitalism pimps; they remain a perfect victim for more thieves.   The tenor of the country was set from the beginning, so is it any wonder why there is the level of graft in many private sector companies, and coupled with layers of government bureaucracy,  they are all just following the blueprint of the country from day one. Whoever did we think we were, as it appears very much like extremists,  the country fomented and orchestrated all this.  America’ psychology,  that Texas two step is over, like a harlot wedded in the arms of corruption,  nasty bedmates as known,  lie with dogs get up with fleas.   The government’ cozy fest with corporate America, crawling in bed with the latest lover until we come out scratching and like a spurned ex here come the threats.  Truth be understood, America stopped investing in America a long time ago.

Though it’s been several months since the passing of the visionary tech giant Steve Jobs, from the tidbits we picked up of his final days, perhaps we may glean that maybe he wanted to and cared enough to be able to look at himself in that last moment in recognition of a life well lived.  Care that every choice you make matters, care,  cause it does, and that every choice could affect someone else, including you.   Now if only the rest of America’ corporate snake oil salesmen would get that message.  After all many things in life you can’t  take back, there is no instant replay, because in the end this is not reality t.v.





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State of Emergency?

According to Neil Boortz “this country cannot be saved” and I agree with him though not for the same reasons, for what he describes as the common “moocher” culture permeating our society. As I recall his term, “brood mare” referring to welfare moms. The ironic thing about that ideology from people like him they seem to forget that there’s been enough mooching going around for that label to be slapped on so many other groups. One should never wonder in a society such as ours what might people do for money. I was recently reminded when I lamented to a friend over the lucky strike, pun intended, the insurgents landed a couple of weeks ago in downing the chopper in Afghanistan. legend zen for sale with conveniently several members of Seal Team Six, just months after getting world enemy, Osama Bin Laden, that it’s no secret at every level you have those like bore worms burrowed in the very core of infrastructure, insulated until the objective is complete. It would not the first and certainly not the last. As it appears simply to be the American way of “just business” I suppose that’s why the GOP is so virulently defensive of big business. Make no mistake, no one is ever who they appear, the U.S. is no stranger to this, but to suggest we could never be anything but the perfect little union we repeatedly purport ourselves to be to the entire global community might be a bit of a stretch. The more important question might be, “who are we trying to convince, the world or ourselves?” We might earn a boat load of creditably when we can also back up our rhetoric as well. And to think we wonder. How deep does the well run, and where will it end? I’m sure through out history all roads to tyranny began with the seemingly most innocuous, and subtle of changes, the assertion that it’s for “our” protection, or under the catch-all auspices of nationaaaal secuurrrity! Somewhere right now in a little suburban cozy corner a city council is pondering the rights of already weary survivors of this economic bloodbath with a proposal to require invasive biometric identifiers for you to pawn your own property at local pawn shops. And then even better, have the cataloged information forwarded to a, mmmmm……… company in Canada. A “mug shot” and fingerprints transmitted to a another country, a presumption of guilt of now what because the rape of your wallet wasn’t good enough, your pockets full o sand, now you need a couple of bucks; and so a trip to your local pawn shop promotes you to criminal status. Mmmmm…… what is this really about, and what next? I know a few ideas, but the inference is how many places might our leaders hands be in, and the pervasive history of what many of us are willing to do for money; ultimately leaving the American people, where? Oh that’s right I forgot we must support the capitalistic war machine, and when there’s not enough abroad, one must be created to keep feeding the beast. How many billions of tax-payer money is spent on defense contractor companies, now what is the next wave, increased civilian surveillance. And which companies will be the beneficiaries of that expanding industry? Yes, information is power, but even more, how is it used! As our history has demonstrated we are far from above reproach in our activities, kind of like the police trying to “police” themselves; we often witness how that works out. cheap mu Legend zen I know the list below are mostly spies, but are we really to believe it stops there? China said a couple of a weeks ago we need to stop the obsession with debt, how about the defect runs far deeper. The point really is this deep seated, genetically imprinted obsession with money, ala the capitalism virus that will direct a person to do anything far beyond the scope of reason or sanity for that matter. I contend a country’ culture is established by not only it’ citizens, but leadership at every level as well, which is why in a paternalistic society many become quite comfortable; far too many are in than out. And so now what’s next, the very right of a human being to no longer even exist without you and everything about you being farmed out for a price. Now for a brief word on our dirty laundry, I said brief because there are many more, but I don’t have all day, and not enough space for world class moochers in the country’s history. Or at least those we know about thus far. So Boortz had a clue, we can’t be saved as long as there are well dressed moochers sitting atop the national plantation. Harold James Nicholson, former Central Intelligence Agency officer, and twice-convicted spy for Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service John Anthony Walker, Jr. U.S. Navy Warrant Officer, and communications specialist, passing secrets to Soviet Union Jonathan Jay Pollard, former civilian intelligence analyst, selling sensitive information to Israel. Aldrich Ames, former Central Intelligence Agency counter-intelligence officer and spy for Soviet Union and Russia. Robert Hanssen, former FBI agent and spy for Soviet and Russian intelligence services Charles H.

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Mr. Medved Got a Point – American Exceptionalism

RE: OPED Michael Medved USA Today 3-30-11 Wed http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/forum/2011-03-30-column30_ST_N.htm?loc=interstitialskip Whose American Exceptionalism? How about perhaps American sadism? Now there’s a thought, for it appears perhaps Genghis Khan and his Mongolian savages are alive, well and running wild once again raping and pillaging villages in the countryside, only this time it’s America. adidas js wings And having a grand old time, I might add, and they ain’t done yet, only look to the cock fighting standoff the week of the near shutdown. Grown men and their toys, whatever are we to do with them, ah yes as echoed on that wonderful show Private Practice, the manchilds amongst us. Waging economic class warfare on the country, many of the American people held hostage while they practice whose is bigger in preparation for the 2012 standoff to come. Asics Chaussures Is this what we all signed up for? In some utopia what is going on would really be against the law, perpetrators tried and summarily executed as heretics and true enemies of state in a real Christian based society whatever that is. A few friendly suggestions one American to another, stay the fuck out of other people’ backyard when our own is so dramatically untended and essentially dying a slow death at the hands of your f@$&ng deliberate neglect and willful malfeasance. That fact on display for the world, ail this country’s own woes first and foremost only then can, or should you earn the right to claim and assert moral authority to even attempt to fix others, stand on that platform. adidas stan smith As far as Michael Medved’ three questions. Is American a gift or a threat to rest of the humanity? It surely isn’t a gift and anyone who believes that here is a thought as I told one friend whose gifts and help came with strings, keep your gifts to yourself and stay out of the help business until you understand what real help means. ugg boots sale Just look around the American landscape today and ask the current crop of Americans many whom are awaiting our gifts, just not holding our breath. mu2legendzen Better yet ask a few countries around the world like Iraq, go check out their gifts from the West. nike chaussures Do American values count or more dysfunctional than say Europe? Completely dysfunctional but even more, in many cases how about down right EVIL! Can you scream the American mantra locked, loaded and laughing, worshiping on their knees greed has been damn good, and pays well in America. It was very good for many, just not most of the country’ peasants, the victims in it’ wake. basket new balance lyon And continue to lead? Lead what, who, we can’t even lead ourselves out of a snowstorm with a line of seeing eye dogs. buy mu legend zen The GOP with their gift that keeps giving, to them and those like them, soul less dead people. Cheap New Balance Swagger when you really have something to swagger about not the delusions of grandeur most on the right and their followers suffer from. air jordan 14 retro Learning from more civilized societies of Europe and elsewhere as in more civilized than America? Clearly Medved hit the nail on the nose because as evidence demonstrates America is far from civilized which is why we seem to consistently seek answers in all the wrong places instead of where leaders should first, within the country itself, of course that would be too simple or make far too much sense. As you may often tell your children or yourself, first be the example you want others to follow, and currently in the 21st Century America no example for anyone to follow, let alone itself. nike air jordan 11 pas cher If anything it is so a clear and definitive example to really civilized nations of what not to do or aspire to be. America is no example to any nation, call it dereliction of duty to itself, and our people. basket air jordan soldes Kind of what you hear in families in that the best indicator or sign of character is how you treat your own, well the leaders can’t hide behind propaganda speak on that one for how America treats it’ own is all over the front pages for the world to see. Shhhhh………

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So what the Occupy Wall Street groups across country are receiving their walking papers, the latest in Atlanta who were issued theirs from Mayor Kasim Reed, deadline Monday October 17, 2011 5p, a.k.a close of business. Question is I ponder if they don’t leave, then what? What is Atlanta really prepared to do, go all Kent State on them, show the world the dark side of who America really is. Let us reflect back on some black and white photo ops from yesteryear, can you see it the water hoses, attack dogs loosed on the civil rights marchers, southern billy club beat downs, remember that? Careful now, of what you ask for that is, overplay your hand, you just might get a reverse reaction, and this time the whole world will see it in real time, maybe even 3-D. Is that what you want? To be judged by the world court as happened with Egypt, Syria, or even say Tiananmen Square debacle of China, wanna join their ranks? Truth be told we’d be in good company, no different, just better at hiding behind three-pieced suits calling ourselves civilized. Different generation, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are not looking to foment anything, but with as is known twitchy Atlanta Police Department alpha male thugs looking to get their guns off, can we say Atlanta Eagle, vs. APD just now settling their head busting civil suit; so it’s not like it hasn’t happened. Kettle pot simmering all over the country, Americans lives shuttered, jobs deliberately being held hostage to force President Obama out of office, Republican obstructionists and their followers on every corner chanting their “FU@$K YOU, I GOT MINE YOU GET YOURS!” rally cry, politicians in Wisconsin running from legislative duties, the spark is there won’t take much more to set it off. mu legend power leveling The perfect storm is swirling about, just over the horizon. I wrote many years ago from what I envisioned, a second revolution hitting the U.S. again one day. So I would not be surprised, problem is are we all really prepared to lose one of the things many of us claim to cherish and want out of this life, LIBERTY. Then those little camps we’ve been hearing whispers about are waiting to be open for business, new internees, America’ citizens. mu2legendzen I never give fear to evil, like the Klu Klux Klan, I’d prefer to see you coming for I can prepare for that, but now those in hiding are a different story and the real danger in our country.

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I’m sure like many of you one could only cringe! wringing one’ fist in mortal disgust when word first broke of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse affair. ugg classic short boots For parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, the human fabric of family this should never stand. mu legend zen ugg boots online What has happened to our brother’ keeper, perhaps asleep at the wheel, trolling for an extra bowl game or two, or just plain enabler in effect aiding and abetting. More excuses of the excused turning a blind eye.
Let’s be candid with ourselves, a bit of self inventory shall we, and ask did we ever see something, anything that didn’t say pass the sniff test, just how many of us have looked the other way, or were simply too self involved while the most innocent and vulnerable among us was grievously harmed. I only ask because is it just me, or has this type of behavior dramatically increased or is it that there are more doorways of communication in this 24 hour ala carte media universe where someone is bound to talk about something. mu2legendzen If that’s the case then exactly what took so long? An accident? Currently spanning back some fifteen years, exactly how many people turned a deaf ear to Jerry Sandusky’ atrocities while someone’ child entrusted to these people was brutalized by a monster walking amongst us.
Pundits up and down the media corridor are examining this tragic affair with all types of assessments, deviant, mentally ill, sociopath, etc. The true tragedy is as we know this case is not alone, the first most egregious one, nor will it be the last in this United States of America. It is precisely these types of acts that have me often asking the United States of What?
for some days I just shake my head, pause, and wonder. The damaged goods amongst us seem to be seizing control, skulking in the shadows laying wait for your, mine, and our precious children. UGG for Women Boots From the halls of the local Catholic Churches and others to Congress, (no more page program) to the schools, from the twin sisters in Kansas being raped by their father and brothers, to the Jayce Dugard saga. asics sale 2017 When we see the airwaves inundated, depicting the glory of a meat locker society, is there any wonder the depths of sexual depravity the country is falling into, a nation who has lost it’ way in more ways than one; and continuing to drift. What has happen to our standards of basic common decency living.
America, a traditionally deeply paternalistic society has many wandering far off the reservation, others totally indifferent. adidas outlet Men, used to be truly worthy leaders, leading first by example, trusted elder statesmen, civic minded pillars of the community now one most often must question whether that was but a facade, looking much deeper, and now with even women joining the ranks. cheap ugg While no one has yet suggested Joe Paterno be held criminally culpable for failure to alert legal authorities to even the questions at the time swirling around Sandusky, one should question his role of commitment to the young people who sat in awe of the Pennsylvania State Nittany Lion legacy; ultimately used to lure them in. nike femme It is rather ironic that the careful cultivation Paterno manged over the years to build a program, along with his legacy, seemingly above reproach while other schools could not; only to suffer a far more devastating fall from grace.
Perhaps as some have echoed Paterno fancied himself, his legend as a god amongst mortal men, men like Sandusky, but with such reverence bestowed upon him, he bathed in the cloak of his own hype, so detached he cocooned himself in a bosom of ignorance feigned or not. cheap ugg boots uk And by the time the sordid tale of Sandusky’ man boy rendezvouses began to bubble over Paterno evidently was committed to one thing, a look and see no evil philosophy. Unfortunately the price was paid with in the lives and spirits of the poor victims.
Perhaps there is a wider message from all f us to take from our almighty father, our creator, fully worthy, unlike mortal men. We’re being shaken, all of us, perhaps to wrest us from this, our own madness. Nike AIr Max Women Mortified in stunned silence we sit, riveted yet repulsed as more and more of this lurid tale unfolds. new balance sale He’s trying to shape us, bend but not to break for maybe one day, and one day soon someone, anyone will do something.
Where have all our mothers and fathers gone?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

This but a snapshot there are so many many more, but my spirit will not permit.

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When Even Hope Had to Run Away

As should be most evident to much of the country by now no one in our hapless capitol has any idea, nor so it seems do they care to. It hopefully is crystal clear, this place is no longer our grandparents, or parents country for that matter. According to Rev. Franklin Graham when posed the question by This Week with Christiane Amanpour Easter special, as to what his father, the Rev. Billy Graham thought of this America today, he thoughtfully recounted his father expressing that the world in which he was born in he did not recognize anymore. While some of you may scoff that’s just the words of an old person who can’t deal with change. I always hear that, change, change, the corporate mantra when selling people on layoffs, when in reality change sometimes is just CHANGE. More often than not for no legitimate reason, and also not necessarily for the better. Well wherever you sit with it, I’m with Rev. Graham on this. I suppose that’s why I also have begun to not recognize this place, feeling more and more alien here. So again that is the basis of this blog, as portrait of 21st Century American Suicide Watch, a little glimpse of countdown of the country eating itself from the inside out, like gangrene; her own citizens being served up on the chopping block. In fact strangely enough even Pat Buchanan on the August 9, Sean Hannity radio show referred to the “suicide of a superpower” Wonder who he was referring to? With so much and so many fighting against us, is there anyone amongst us willing to fight for us, the American people. A safe bet right about now many Democrats and Independents are perhaps feeling a twinge of something akin to buyers remorse over the “stranger” occupying Pennsylvania Avenue. Anyone check the Rose Garden for green pods? In case he hadn’t heard, the bell may be ringing on the presidency of a man who seemingly ushered in a new age with his what now, empty promises. legend zen for sale The hope and change tap dance looking more like the Ickey Woods shuffle, yeah Ickey who? With his legion of devoted, slack jawed followers left with a WTF!! moment of we didn’t sign up for this. The bigger question of what did we really get ourselves into? It appears the country’s little one trick pony ultimately will only be re-elected if the hands holding the puppet strings want him to be, ain’t looking to good at the moment. The 2008 election saw the need for a quieting of the natives lest they had run amok following the eight year debacle of their village idiot, and the president fit the convenient profile, young, educated, and a qualified minority, how could a better plot been scripted? Looking more and more like perhaps the aberration in the American political theater it really was. Call it fall guy, scapegoat, whatever, it is for many running it, the failed social experiment. America’ history was carved out of a rather ingrained, genetic pre-disposition to the ideologies the country was built and founded on, theft, corruption, violence, manipulation, abuse, discrimination, and hate. mu legend zen for sale Anyone outside that will never belong as so our little pony had to find out in the slave state of Stepfordville. mu2legendzen Altruistic souls could never survive this current political landscape working for the “people” for after every nugget of their life was excavated, and sifted through, and nothing found to besmirch their name, they’d simply be “Wellstoned” Those to good to be true would not be welcomed into such a paternalistic society where the the most mentally unstable and inferior amongst the population dwell. I think bottom feeding parasites whose willingness to crawl along the sewer amidst the muck gain them great rewards, as you have in D.C.

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The Elephant That Broke the Donkey’ Back

Are so many of us so misguided to actually believe that any of all this current cock fighting in D.C. mu legend zen for sale is about U.S.? Breaking news crawl for you maybe a few will catch that on your smart device, IT’S NOT AND NEVER WAS. Lemme see perhaps I break it down for you, like a six year old. We exists these days best we can, well the real humans among us in a place where leaders or what they “think” they are sit around the board game called “life” playing Russian roulette with yours, mine, and everyone’ but theirs. A lot of bulges at that table, big, fat ones, praying to their GOD they can “hand” deliver their ultimate wet dream, the very lives of every average American carved up on a silver platter. A helluva way to bargain for a nut. Into whom and how many pockets of wish lists of promises was delivered by way of a seat with so called constituents rear hides nailed to a cloak room wall as icing? Tell us this, don’t we want to know how much money over the last forty years has been “borrowed” from those entitlement trust funds and by whom? And why haven’t every one of “them” been arrested? Isn’t that what happens in real democracy? Shhhh……. that’s that utopia in never, never land, not our reality. Well for one let’s begin with the red elephant’ team apparent hard-on for all things corporate. We know what drove the blue donkey’ poster boy Mr. Weinie, and didn’t take too much, his came at discount, certainly not at the price of millions of people’ lives that continue to hang in the balance. Let’s see why not start with the beginning just one of the bargaining chips, though this bunch isn’t one for history, and though as they say probably doomed to repeat it. In July 1965 John Gardner became the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare what are now Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services. On his agenda, an end to poverty, push for equality, improvement of education and protection of the environment amongst other things. But on top of those signs of true American patriotism, and plain common decency, it was his next achievements that gave me pause. It was that good old entitlement thing, that government run health care for seniors called Medicare, as well as Corporation for Public Broadcasting, that he created on his watch. My pause came from a funny place because John Gardner’ political affiliation was Republican. Mmmm…… a Republican behind creating one of the continuous sticking points for this current version of GOP spinmeisters butting heads with the fearless leader, an entitlement? Not a supporter of an American war of during his time, but apparently one who carved out a place and mind all his own leading with his heart, or perhaps just a time when politicians were still human beings first, instead of the current crop reveling and rutting in the bed of big business. buy mu legend zen A noted talk show host did not even know who he was, clearly the point as I told him. I am for fiscal restraint, but I am also just as fervent about keeping mad dogs fully restrained and leashed as well clearly not on the red elephant team’ list of priorities. From this current game of brinkmanship they’re playing with the debt ceiling it appears the GOP just as soon remove all regulations and permit big business go on a full bore mauling expedition of what’ left of the American people’ tattered hides, including on some cases, their very lives. The raw, naked truth about the the true price of capitalism. Who are the blue donkeys, do they even know any more or are they about as deer in the headlights as the elephants when it comes to what’s at stake. To even sit down to talk with anything less than human, to even suggest let’s make a deal, like a couple of prison gangs team leaders bartering who can make the next piece of meat their biAtch! Tell us haven’t the American people, the real ones suffering bent over far enough for all of you? Does the nation really need to gag before someone says ENOUGH! “what we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems.” John Gardner, founder Common Cause, 1965 speech.

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“What Is Happening To U.S.”

Just when did America start the dying process. Here I am fighting for my life and I don’t even know why. “What is Happening to U.S.?” Like staph the flesh eating disease rotting, eating itself to the bone from the inside out until there is nothing left. Is it something in the DNA of Americans, a spreading of an infectious contagion. What is wrong with us?, a people whom are connected to nothing but themselves? I am simply on hold waiting for my life to start again, to begin the last chapter, swan song to it. Others started the reset, the ball now in my hands, next move on me. I no longer expect civilized behavior by my brethren for I see it is really asking too much, and unfortunately, many are simply not up to it, their burdens too great. Many, seemingly now distant moons ago, a great president posed the question to the then young nation “and so our fellow Americans ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1961. Little me ask this day of our leaders, as we watch the crumbling of our supposedly great country, dying servicemen and women, sacrifices of all the service providers, police officers, teachers, middle, small town, hill country, urban center Americans, I, me humble servant of our all mighty, haven’t WE the people done ENOUGH!! for our country, my GOD the dern thing, bricks, mortars and all was built on our backs. Just when is our country going to do for us, service to the people, ALL people, for a change, WHEN? I dare say I do not anymore even recognize my own country, I often doubt she does either. And speaking of civility why should that be such a stretch in a nation that claims the mantle of a highly advanced society when actions clearly suggest otherwise. Perhaps a more deafening call should be one that quite eloquently should demand civilized men control themselves with some level of decorum, and more importantly lead by first setting the example you hope your children and others might follow. When you have a civilization on the brink of collapse, polarized by hate, division rampant, safe to say really getting your hopes up is about as useful as beating a dead horse. Can anyone explain in plain English, not rhetoric, political doublespeak, but plain English how can you look in the mirror every day knowing you and your family as an American, a freaking human has the very right and pleasures of the very type of benefits you march and rail against for every other American citizen. cheap mu Legend zen How? Show us, the world, that you would dare walk a second in the average American’ shoes, ala the people you supposedly serve, voluntarily give up all yours, and then by all means let the railing begin. Countries are often bound by something, it’s truly a basis of foundation that connects it’ people, roots them to something meaningful. It is simply a shared commonality that offers the simple concept to a nation; we are all in this together, a true melding. It is what lends itself to the idea that we’re all really trying to go in the same direction, instead of what the U.S. has, people, leaders ranting at each other nilly, willy, whilst the walls fall around all of us. Why are so many other advanced cultures so connected and rooted in something meaningful? And just what binds America? Nothing, and that is exactly why we are in the state we’re in, one group pulling over there, another over here, meanwhile the people, the real, everyday American people left to fend for themselves on our own, truly left behind. Not to say people in some cases didn’t have a hand in some of their troubles, for instance. While many legitimately did lose homes due to malfeasance on the part of many of the financial pimps and loan sharks, but more to the point, sadly in many cases many lost homes they should have never been in in the first place. mu legend power leveling I was offered an exotic loan, had a good faith offer, but it was me who said if you have to crunch numbers to get me in then I’m not supposed to be in, no 80/20, no ARM, none of that. Hence what you had was a self inflated bubble by shysters for obvious self benefit, with willing victims, that had was designed to destruct in someone’ face, just not the ones who orchestrated it. But again ask yourself how much of the country rose and fell on an economic tidal wave that had only one place to go, down, and with the astute, clever minds in this country, is anyone to believe it was an accident. What we, the American people bore witness to was an act of economic warfare with the American people the target, the bull’s eye many wore pretty darn accurate. So I say fight fire with fire, like the Hindenburg, dive down the muth$% give em a taste of their own medicine, let them for a change suck on the bitterest of pills. If one million people were to simply find a way, any way to take one day to not buy ANYTHING, reduce the amount of monopoly money transactions for one day, take our country back show them truly where the power lies, in our hands, we might have a chance. mu legend zen for sale But simply to keep asking how low should I go masta! When asked by our leaders bend over a little bit more is simply aiding and abetting in our own destruction, you do the math.

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http://www.ucimc.org/content/panel-condemns-clearly-unethical-us-syphilis-study-guatemala I pondered this for days, following Hannity’ probably starry-eyed proclamation fawning on his radio show over “our blessed nation” Hence the lateness but a blessed nation huh? Please do tell. Well I’ll tell you what, I can because before I follow in lock-step with every other word from so called various apparent mouths of GOD on the hill as it were, I speak in hushed tones for I recall much of the truth the country drags from it’ shameful past. I don’t sweep it under the rugs of history, feigning ignorance or that oft use term “I have no recollection of that” So on the country marches, the various current outcries of the last month, the U.S.’ fall to fifth on the list of World’ Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, continued high unemployment; fading relevance is a tough pill to swallow when you’ve been the biggest swinging , d#%&, well you know what I mean, on the landscape for so long. Perhaps might be accurate assessment that the entire global community is on watch for the continued internal meltdown from a mighty nation’ self inflicted wounds, because surely this dismantling may yet re-write history. So let’s venture down a lane or two take a look at what such a “blessed nation” really has done to in essence earn it’ crown. The last several months more badges of honor the U.S. asics soldes totes around in it’s hip pocket was revealed to the world when a presidential panel disclosed, what was described as shocking, and unseemly details of U.S. medical experiments done on over 5,000 involuntary human guinea pigs in Guatemala in the 1940’s. Amongst of which included re-infecting a dying woman in a gruesome syphilis experiment. I was neither shocked nor dismayed as many might have been for I only look around everyday and see the results, the blueprint laid many, many years ago. asics soldes The country did not suddenly wake up and decide to embrace evil, it’s more, if you will a genetic imprint, but you know us and that truth thing; country isn’t known for being capable of tending it’ dirty laundry very well. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the experiments as “clearly unethical” and while aptly put and most apropos, she probably doesn’t acknowledge much by way of the underbelly of American history for it would have told her this is not new to the country but in fact a matter of just how it conducts it’ business. Simply put part of the true nature and character of America. oakley homme pas cher Apparently the country’ power brokers auctioned us off a long time ago dating back to one of the early episodes of crawling in bed with evil from what was naturally revealed in Vietnam as use of the herbicide Agent Orange created by a tag team of Dow Chemical and the Monsanto Corporation at the behest of the U.S. Department of Defense. And so follows the pattern of America’ blueprint. In 1906 a Harvard Professor, Dr. Richard Strong infected prisoners in the Philippines with cholera to study the disease, 13 of them did not survive, a bargain I suppose by U.S. nike outlet standards. And he did though at least compensate the others with cigars and cigarettes. As it turns it was this experiment that apparently earned the U.S. admirers from across the water, say drawing rave reviews in Nazi Germany for during the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi doctors hailed this program as a precursor to their own medical experiments. I suppose just another example of the U.S. earning it’ stripes leading the way, always the leader we are. In 1915 a Dr. Joseph Goldberger was directed by the U.S. Public Health Office to produce Pellagra, a crippling disease that targeted the central nervous system using 12 Mississippi inmates. nike pas cher And in 1935 following the deaths of millions of American citizens, the director of the U.S. Public Health Office finally acknowledged that officials, knowing for some time it was caused by a niacin deficiency, deliberately permitted it to spread because it was predominantly affecting African-Americans, positively Tuskegee-esque, or maybe more the current plague of the 21st century. Again during the Nuremberg Trials, America’ fans in Nazi Germany hailed this study as an explainer for their experiments on concentration camp inmates. adidas f50 A little infectious inspiration from the West across the wide expanse, encouragement to the Nazi cause. There ya go take a page from the good old U.S. Of A. In 1942 some twenty-two years prior to our more infamous atrocity, Agent Orange, apparently the U.S. ugg classic mini cheap first began getting it’s feet wet in the art of chemical warfare when it began performing mustard gas and lewisite experiments on over 4,000 members of the armed forces, our own as collateral damage. Apparently America was in turn so inspired by Germany’ use of chemical weapons during World War I that it was in 1918 President Wilson created the branch within the U.S. Army called the Chemical Warfare Service (CWS) to usher in the age of U.S. entry into chemical warfare. Ah what a cozy little love affair, I mean with such history preceding the country whose to say our pet dog of the eighties, that evil villain, Saddam Hussein didn’t also get his inspiration from his daddy in gassing his own people. You learn from the best right? In 1900 U.S. Army doctors assigned to the Philippines infected five Filipino prisoners with plague, withholding appropriate nutrition in order to create Beriberi in 29 prisoners, four of the subjects die. adidas tubular shadow Specifically according to commission from the U.S. Surgeon general, Dr. Walter Reed, me thinks this American hero has a building named after him, Dr. Reed ventured to Cuba on a mission, using 22 Spanish immigrant workers to verify yellow fever could be contracted through mosquito bites. In 1919 researchers in California began a chimera like foray when they performed grisly testicular transplant experiments on prisoners at San Quentin State, injecting testicles of recently executed prisoners and goats into the abdomens and scrotum’s of living prisoners. And how about our next American superstar, in 1931 a pathologist, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, from um-mm…… the prestigious Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research purposely infected human test subjects in Puerto Rico with cancer genes, 13 of them die. He is perhaps later rewarded when with obvious approval, permitted to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Utah, Maryland, and Panama, further invited to join the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission; when he initiates a program of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers, and civilian hospital patients. Am I confused, stupid, or what I mean, and please understand that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but isn’t this the modus operandi of countries we label as terrorists, mmmmm…… ugg shoe sale outlet just saying. I suppose perhaps I misunderstood for with a track record like that maybe Mr. Hannity was right we are blessed, to even still be alive and kicking. But like with every good thing and ala John Mellencamp’ Crumblin Down ah when “the walls come tumblin, tumblin down” Careful now the holes you dig for someone else might ultimately be your own. nike shoes uk Now, now no need for that type behavior, that certain day in infamy notwithstanding, in the 21st Century if someone really wants to get you so much easier to use you against you, can you say De-stablize your economy.

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What is it about these, mmmm………. people, seemingly powerful men, by whose definition and perhaps more like in their own minds that repeatedly drags them down the road of destruction? Is America that far gone? If not it’s well off to a roaring start. I suggest these apparent defects in the life stream have always been on their path to self implosion, many probably more a product and example of the country at large. So what’s usual about that? Well the fact that as a country we’ve become rather immune, desensitized to it which is why many don’t bat an eye, often echoing sentiments as Jane Seymour, “not surprised.” And why should we be, it’s become rather symbolic of like the very fabric of American life, business as usual in everything we do. You know that “free will” thing often drags people to a place where even common sense can’t save them. ugg boots uk I mean why shouldn’t a “powerful” male get his nut where ever the call drags him, isn’t it his inherent right as king of his kingdom? This is why, and brief aside here, like an act of assisted suicide, watching an act of self annihilation has become the spectator sport of the 21st Century. Nike Air Max Cheap Expecting the simple act of when you know better you simply do has morphed into rather expecting too much of anyone these days is a stretch, especially many married men. adidas gazelle soldes I wrote a recent customer survey regarding an American business who has managed in this climate of “anything” goes to have maintained a commitment to the company culture of what’s important by fact that they remain closed on Sunday, despite what they could earn. nike roshe run I applaud them, a family business with values firmly rooted in something meaningful, just a sense of common decency in not only talking the talk, but walking the walk as well; much of which America on so many levels has lost. asics gel lyte Perhaps someone might offer a challenge to the number one male and/or female serial cheater to participate in a Roman-style orgy in which they could go through hundreds of women or men or for the men even some inflatable dolls might even do. ugg kids For perhaps like rapists, the actions of serial cheaters is not about sex but rather their inability to, pun intended “measure up” to themselves or whoever they “think” they are. Emotional cripples, the walking dead they are in search of value wherever their @#$ leads, their self worth reduced to a temporary fix, and like an alcoholic or a junkie coming down from the high back to Earth; still stuck with themselves. So in this case, and to his and others defense perhaps on a very real level it’s something in the DNA of many that inhibits their self control. While many angry women might say bul$#%, that their actions make them akin to animals, wrong because many even in the animal kingdom seem to abhor the scent of infidelity. Those from swans, gibbons, to wolves and vultures seem to be repulsed by that behavior. A customer recently offered a few tips on the irony of absence in the lack of equal comparison of human beings to the animal kingdom in how we exist in treatment toward our mates, something I ruminated over. The conversation turned toward the pretty consistent social order and culture of wolves, and how they are known for often mating for life. How about the human male take a page and learn something from that if possible. Suffice to say lack of self control might be firmly entrenched in the dominion of human beings. The joining of two souls in whatever manner or style is achievable when you know who you are, and without that you will remain on an empty quest to find what’s missing. cheap ugg You. There will never be fulfillment for the walking dead, believe that. Adidas superstar Many in the animal kingdom might even scoff “don’t compare you to us” and you know what they would have a point for we are not animals, hence, there in lies the tragedy for in many cases such as this, we are actually far worse.

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