It’s not just me, so I know I’m far from unique in this perspective; it’s just the more I hear comparisons of the so-called great nation to Rome, the question arises more and more.   Is the writing on the wall, is it now time to start lowering flags at half staff for the United States.  I wrote many moons ago of an event that would lead to cataclysmic fracturing of the country much in the way that led to break-up of the U.S.S.R  in the eighties.  Since the evidence is in that the country has a group determined to keep raping others, why not like a bitter old married couple, relationship doomed from the start,  we just go our separate ways.   I mean didn’t one of the Republican candidates years ago pretty much suggest those sentiments more than once, Rick Perry’ what-if scenario that by all means why couldn’t Texas (Tejas) secede from the union were it to come to that for as we now all see this charade called America is quite far from the perfect union.   How’ this for hidden GOP position,  we’ll take ours, you take yours and go fend for yourselves, and the rest of the have nothings do the same, borders and all.    But I’d say this, and God forbid they should find themselves in need one day, I for one would say an emphatic no!.   America appears more every day to be currently writing it’ own obituary, a mighty nation falling.   More a question of where have we come from and more importantly where are we going?

Well shockingly ABC’ Diane Sawyer was able to provide a bit of nasty, but real insight chronicling on her special several months ago “A Hidden America: Children of the Plains” without having the parent corporate pimp daddy order the typical hack editing job.  I suppose at this point it’s a publicly open wound on the soul of America, and it speaks to one often repeated thought, those whom forget history are doomed to repeat it.   But to be able to frankly discuss the sad situation on the reservation of Pine Ridge in South Dakota in what outlined and amounted to a take-down of the tribe of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Indians,  and to how they arrived there from chief amongst many things,  the seizure, or call it what is was, outright theft of their land; leaving them reduced to squatters.  Diane further described what a 1980 summary by the U.S. Supreme Court that what was done to them as dishonorable as anything in American history.  And now buried under the weight of alcoholism, and obesity amongst other things,  open to further denigration courtesy of U.S. corporate bedmates, capitalism pimps; they remain a perfect victim for more thieves.   The tenor of the country was set from the beginning, so is it any wonder why there is the level of graft in many private sector companies, and coupled with layers of government bureaucracy,  they are all just following the blueprint of the country from day one. Whoever did we think we were, as it appears very much like extremists,  the country fomented and orchestrated all this.  America’ psychology,  that Texas two step is over, like a harlot wedded in the arms of corruption,  nasty bedmates as known,  lie with dogs get up with fleas.   The government’ cozy fest with corporate America, crawling in bed with the latest lover until we come out scratching and like a spurned ex here come the threats.  Truth be understood, America stopped investing in America a long time ago.

Though it’s been several months since the passing of the visionary tech giant Steve Jobs, from the tidbits we picked up of his final days, perhaps we may glean that maybe he wanted to and cared enough to be able to look at himself in that last moment in recognition of a life well lived.  Care that every choice you make matters, care,  cause it does, and that every choice could affect someone else, including you.   Now if only the rest of America’ corporate snake oil salesmen would get that message.  After all many things in life you can’t  take back, there is no instant replay, because in the end this is not reality t.v.





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