Now some weeks past that thief of darkness latest claim we may continue to lament over tragedy and loss, if only for a moment, for the die was really cast a long time ago.  Though I’m sure some are tired of hearing, I’ve been pondering during this time for the only response I could utter when first hearing of the death of yet another of this generation’ musical icons was just damn!!  Another tortured soul whose demons finally caught her up with her.   While hard enough for the everyday person wrestling with all life’ challenges certainly under the glare of fame is perhaps a recipe for disaster for some that will always be lying in wait.

You may ask how does the death of this musical legend Whitney Houston fit this forum?  And I’d suggest looking at the site title again for at the end of the day the analogy is pretty clear,  suicide can take place in all forms for in one way or another many of us are on a long term suicide watch ourselves.   Once the course is charted that one decision, one move, destiny is set or reset  it becomes more a question of not if but when because as was the case with this broken soul, more shattered the longer she remained upon this Earth, hers,  a peace never to be found.   For many of such a meteoric ascension, both a blessing and more often a curse,  it can be overwhelming, exacting it’ toll, but these life experiences are supposed to help shape, not replace, bend yet not break us, and for celebrities who forget all that brought them to where they often trade themselves in for the hype of the image.   The truth is fame is so illusory that most forget that the keys to a chance of navigating it is finding the anchor that keeps you firmly rooted in reality in other words using fame while not allowing it to use you for when the music stops if all you’re left with is the reality of yourself, the human being, if you never managed a way to protect yourself  while continuing to cultivate and grow you discover yourself adrift.  We all will succumb to the ravages of time but when you give in to the hype hopping on your own glory train if that’s all you have left many find that a lonely place to be,  too much to overcome, this seems to be the bane of some of the brightest of this generations stars.

But sadly she is not alone for it crisscrosses at both the macro and micro levels,  beginning with government agencies city, state, and federal where it appears many are hell bent on tearing themselves  inside out ultimately destroying themselves from within.    It some days seems as if by definition man is simply fu%$ked up therefore only natural that every level of a country’ infrastructure is also fu%$ked up.  Imperfect beings wreaking havoc on everything we touch, first off ourselves, then determined to drag others along for the ride.  Sad, and spiritually bereft she forgot the core of GOD’ teachings to us all, the intangible, yet profound gift from our creator,  love yourself as much as you love him, and he loves you.  It is that which appears Whitney forgot that led her down the path of no return.   You were never anything but perfect in his vision, aggrieved that you forgot how to love yourself as much as he loved you.

I’ve been ruminating upon this amongst other things while on my brief  spiritual sabbatical for it appears more everyday a general state of unwell is permeating the landscape, anomie upon us, so I speak to you also from inside the madhouse, I say for though there are many probably none quite like this one.   In fact given the latest high profile casualty the state of affairs is apparently so bad many seem to be just dying to escape.  What could be so bad you ask, good question let’s take a look see.    Stay tuned PT 2, I promise.

Truth be told these people are already dead, just not in the grave yet.



The Trail of Tears









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