When Even Hope Had to Run Away

As should be most evident to much of the country by now no one in our hapless capitol has any idea, nor so it seems do they care to. It hopefully is crystal clear, this place is no longer our grandparents, or parents country for that matter. According to Rev. Franklin Graham when posed the question by This Week with Christiane Amanpour Easter special, as to what his father, the Rev. Billy Graham thought of this America today, he thoughtfully recounted his father expressing that the world in which he was born in he did not recognize anymore. While some of you may scoff that’s just the words of an old person who can’t deal with change. I always hear that, change, change, the corporate mantra when selling people on layoffs, when in reality change sometimes is just CHANGE. More often than not for no legitimate reason, and also not necessarily for the better. Well wherever you sit with it, I’m with Rev. Graham on this. I suppose that’s why I also have begun to not recognize this place, feeling more and more alien here. So again that is the basis of this blog, as portrait of 21st Century American Suicide Watch, a little glimpse of countdown of the country eating itself from the inside out, like gangrene; her own citizens being served up on the chopping block. In fact strangely enough even Pat Buchanan on the August 9, Sean Hannity radio show referred to the “suicide of a superpower” Wonder who he was referring to? With so much and so many fighting against us, is there anyone amongst us willing to fight for us, the American people. A safe bet right about now many Democrats and Independents are perhaps feeling a twinge of something akin to buyers remorse over the “stranger” occupying Pennsylvania Avenue. Anyone check the Rose Garden for green pods? In case he hadn’t heard, the bell may be ringing on the presidency of a man who seemingly ushered in a new age with his what now, empty promises. legend zen for sale The hope and change tap dance looking more like the Ickey Woods shuffle, yeah Ickey who? With his legion of devoted, slack jawed followers left with a WTF!! moment of we didn’t sign up for this. The bigger question of what did we really get ourselves into? It appears the country’s little one trick pony ultimately will only be re-elected if the hands holding the puppet strings want him to be, ain’t looking to good at the moment. The 2008 election saw the need for a quieting of the natives lest they had run amok following the eight year debacle of their village idiot, and the president fit the convenient profile, young, educated, and a qualified minority, how could a better plot been scripted? Looking more and more like perhaps the aberration in the American political theater it really was. Call it fall guy, scapegoat, whatever, it is for many running it, the failed social experiment. America’ history was carved out of a rather ingrained, genetic pre-disposition to the ideologies the country was built and founded on, theft, corruption, violence, manipulation, abuse, discrimination, and hate. mu legend zen for sale Anyone outside that will never belong as so our little pony had to find out in the slave state of Stepfordville. mu2legendzen Altruistic souls could never survive this current political landscape working for the “people” for after every nugget of their life was excavated, and sifted through, and nothing found to besmirch their name, they’d simply be “Wellstoned” Those to good to be true would not be welcomed into such a paternalistic society where the the most mentally unstable and inferior amongst the population dwell. I think bottom feeding parasites whose willingness to crawl along the sewer amidst the muck gain them great rewards, as you have in D.C.

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