The Elephant That Broke the Donkey’ Back

Are so many of us so misguided to actually believe that any of all this current cock fighting in D.C. mu legend zen for sale is about U.S.? Breaking news crawl for you maybe a few will catch that on your smart device, IT’S NOT AND NEVER WAS. Lemme see perhaps I break it down for you, like a six year old. We exists these days best we can, well the real humans among us in a place where leaders or what they “think” they are sit around the board game called “life” playing Russian roulette with yours, mine, and everyone’ but theirs. A lot of bulges at that table, big, fat ones, praying to their GOD they can “hand” deliver their ultimate wet dream, the very lives of every average American carved up on a silver platter. A helluva way to bargain for a nut. Into whom and how many pockets of wish lists of promises was delivered by way of a seat with so called constituents rear hides nailed to a cloak room wall as icing? Tell us this, don’t we want to know how much money over the last forty years has been “borrowed” from those entitlement trust funds and by whom? And why haven’t every one of “them” been arrested? Isn’t that what happens in real democracy? Shhhh……. that’s that utopia in never, never land, not our reality. Well for one let’s begin with the red elephant’ team apparent hard-on for all things corporate. We know what drove the blue donkey’ poster boy Mr. Weinie, and didn’t take too much, his came at discount, certainly not at the price of millions of people’ lives that continue to hang in the balance. Let’s see why not start with the beginning just one of the bargaining chips, though this bunch isn’t one for history, and though as they say probably doomed to repeat it. In July 1965 John Gardner became the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare what are now Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services. On his agenda, an end to poverty, push for equality, improvement of education and protection of the environment amongst other things. But on top of those signs of true American patriotism, and plain common decency, it was his next achievements that gave me pause. It was that good old entitlement thing, that government run health care for seniors called Medicare, as well as Corporation for Public Broadcasting, that he created on his watch. My pause came from a funny place because John Gardner’ political affiliation was Republican. Mmmm…… a Republican behind creating one of the continuous sticking points for this current version of GOP spinmeisters butting heads with the fearless leader, an entitlement? Not a supporter of an American war of during his time, but apparently one who carved out a place and mind all his own leading with his heart, or perhaps just a time when politicians were still human beings first, instead of the current crop reveling and rutting in the bed of big business. buy mu legend zen A noted talk show host did not even know who he was, clearly the point as I told him. I am for fiscal restraint, but I am also just as fervent about keeping mad dogs fully restrained and leashed as well clearly not on the red elephant team’ list of priorities. From this current game of brinkmanship they’re playing with the debt ceiling it appears the GOP just as soon remove all regulations and permit big business go on a full bore mauling expedition of what’ left of the American people’ tattered hides, including on some cases, their very lives. The raw, naked truth about the the true price of capitalism. Who are the blue donkeys, do they even know any more or are they about as deer in the headlights as the elephants when it comes to what’s at stake. To even sit down to talk with anything less than human, to even suggest let’s make a deal, like a couple of prison gangs team leaders bartering who can make the next piece of meat their biAtch! Tell us haven’t the American people, the real ones suffering bent over far enough for all of you? Does the nation really need to gag before someone says ENOUGH! “what we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems.” John Gardner, founder Common Cause, 1965 speech.

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