Mr. Medved Got a Point – American Exceptionalism

RE: OPED Michael Medved USA Today 3-30-11 Wed Whose American Exceptionalism? How about perhaps American sadism? Now there’s a thought, for it appears perhaps Genghis Khan and his Mongolian savages are alive, well and running wild once again raping and pillaging villages in the countryside, only this time it’s America. adidas js wings And having a grand old time, I might add, and they ain’t done yet, only look to the cock fighting standoff the week of the near shutdown. Grown men and their toys, whatever are we to do with them, ah yes as echoed on that wonderful show Private Practice, the manchilds amongst us. Waging economic class warfare on the country, many of the American people held hostage while they practice whose is bigger in preparation for the 2012 standoff to come. Asics Chaussures Is this what we all signed up for? In some utopia what is going on would really be against the law, perpetrators tried and summarily executed as heretics and true enemies of state in a real Christian based society whatever that is. A few friendly suggestions one American to another, stay the fuck out of other people’ backyard when our own is so dramatically untended and essentially dying a slow death at the hands of your f@$&ng deliberate neglect and willful malfeasance. That fact on display for the world, ail this country’s own woes first and foremost only then can, or should you earn the right to claim and assert moral authority to even attempt to fix others, stand on that platform. adidas stan smith As far as Michael Medved’ three questions. Is American a gift or a threat to rest of the humanity? It surely isn’t a gift and anyone who believes that here is a thought as I told one friend whose gifts and help came with strings, keep your gifts to yourself and stay out of the help business until you understand what real help means. ugg boots sale Just look around the American landscape today and ask the current crop of Americans many whom are awaiting our gifts, just not holding our breath. mu2legendzen Better yet ask a few countries around the world like Iraq, go check out their gifts from the West. nike chaussures Do American values count or more dysfunctional than say Europe? Completely dysfunctional but even more, in many cases how about down right EVIL! Can you scream the American mantra locked, loaded and laughing, worshiping on their knees greed has been damn good, and pays well in America. It was very good for many, just not most of the country’ peasants, the victims in it’ wake. basket new balance lyon And continue to lead? Lead what, who, we can’t even lead ourselves out of a snowstorm with a line of seeing eye dogs. buy mu legend zen The GOP with their gift that keeps giving, to them and those like them, soul less dead people. Cheap New Balance Swagger when you really have something to swagger about not the delusions of grandeur most on the right and their followers suffer from. air jordan 14 retro Learning from more civilized societies of Europe and elsewhere as in more civilized than America? Clearly Medved hit the nail on the nose because as evidence demonstrates America is far from civilized which is why we seem to consistently seek answers in all the wrong places instead of where leaders should first, within the country itself, of course that would be too simple or make far too much sense. As you may often tell your children or yourself, first be the example you want others to follow, and currently in the 21st Century America no example for anyone to follow, let alone itself. nike air jordan 11 pas cher If anything it is so a clear and definitive example to really civilized nations of what not to do or aspire to be. America is no example to any nation, call it dereliction of duty to itself, and our people. basket air jordan soldes Kind of what you hear in families in that the best indicator or sign of character is how you treat your own, well the leaders can’t hide behind propaganda speak on that one for how America treats it’ own is all over the front pages for the world to see. Shhhhh………

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