From the beginning as mere pups our own branding starts with the nine digit U.S. Property stamp, tagged, the coding of you begins.  The psychological profiling and messaging follows, children’ minds indoctrinated.  “You need, eat this taste good, mmmm…… come on be like the other kids BUY, BUY, BUY,”  By the time college rolls around the molding is complete and then comes the second wave – credit card companies trolling college campuses free invites in hand, debt, debt, debt.  And with the shrinking of educational assistance like grants, the wave continues rolling with “but we’ve got a loan for ya”  And you gotta go to this school or that one all for the princely sum of 20K or more per years, plus assorted fees, so you can get your GOOD job.  Not any more.

Now what do you need, nice car, name brand, smart this, that, new phone with contract of course to keep you shackled, hoodwinked and bamboozled.  Then what’s next? A home to put your name on, so you think, oh but wait the property taxes that rise on whims as broken cities and counties infrastructures that you must fix ala water, electric, gas bills based on whatever they say it is at that moment.  How do they know, because it is what they say, after all who is really watching them; this is by design, no accident. Choice in utilities, cell service, wrong.   You want television, not free anymore, without choice, and by contract only.  And how many choices, cable or satellite that’s the free enterprise system we’re raised under.   Thought at one time we were supposed to be under a free market non monopoly but instead more and more they are permitted to gobble each other up at our expense.

The balance of the delicate house of cards begins to wobble and roll til the final bell tolls which it will.  Who decided being born with the right to exist as an America included the right to rape each other.  A skill set, the one tactic that’s been made sport of the country is excelling in above all others.

A system tacitly endorsing acts of fraud then crying foul how did this happen?  Is not the explosion and encouragement of debt companies enough evidence to confirm the U.S. is simply married to, and in the end worshipping at the alter of DEBT.   Debt companies legally permitted to collect for outstanding, yet long written off bills based on contractual agreements with other companies; yet deliberately allowed to keep ballooning because debt in America is king in the world of big business.  And by definition simply could not exist any other way because as we all are reeling from the effects, debt like greed is the American way; with everyone being dragged one way or the other, forced to ride it all the way to our graves.    Ah one thing, make sure even that is paid for less debt collectors repossess the clothes off your corpse before they bury you.  The U.S. should never wonder how it arrived wherever it lands for the house of cards was the one it built on our heads and destined to topple so don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

The debt ceiling agreement is but a temporary patch, if that, for unless the core philosophy changes it just means a delay of the inevitable.  The current American business model is shackled to the debt principle, it is how business is carried out.  But chaining ourselves to it seems to have finally caught up with us.  You really overplayed your hand on this one.   GODSPEED TO U.S. ALL!!


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